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Nick and Vicky arrive at the mat, and Phil warns them, "You're still in the race but you are team number eight." Way to look at it positively.

Only two teams are still trying to get to the Pit Stop: Gary/Mallory and Andie/Jenna. Jenna says they need to put it all on the line: "If we pass out on that mat, it's okay, but we're gonna do it." Andie, thinking about her physical resemblance to Margie, doesn't say anything to that. Frantic cutting back and forth, until finally Gary and Mallory approach the mat. "Had a bad day, Phil, give me some good news," Gary says, which I think is the first time we've heard him speak tonight. "Or any news, before I have a heart attack and die on this mat," Mallory adds. "Has that happened before?" She puts on quite a show, and Phil isn't about to cut that short, but finally he tells them they're team number nine.

Finally Andie and Jenna reach the mat, in no apparent hurry. Phil tells them they're the last team to arrive, and have been eliminated. Andie tearfully hugs Jenna, who says, "All my life I've wondered who my birth mother was and it's just like a treasure to be able to have it be Andie." Who else would it be? Andie says she's gotten some peace after 21 years, "just knowing this beautiful person that I brought into the world." So is Jenna her favorite now? In the post-leg interview, Andie says she chose a good family for Jenna, and they're both crying as Jenna agrees. "You are who you are because of that family," Andie goes on, "and that is a comfort that I wouldn't have had without this experience of getting to know her." She hugs Jenna proudly on the mat, like this is goodbye. Which I guess they think it is, which is too bad. That's going to make their next three weeks at the Elimination Station pretty awkward, if nothing else.

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