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Nick and Vicky take off at 1:45, in last place, less than two hours after the leaders. "On the road again," Vicky remarks inanely as Nick counts their cash. Maybe now he can buy himself a hat that fits.

Jill and Thomas are now at Heathrow Airport. They find the Virgin Atlantic counter and learn that there's only one flight to Accra per day, and that they're all going to be on it. There goes Jill and Thomas's lead, and without spending any more time in the airport at all, which I'm more than fine with, we watch the Amazing Red Line going almost due south on what Phil says is a six-hour flight to Accra. And there we are, in a coastal city with Ghanaian flags and bustling streets where people carry things on their heads and kids show off for the cameras. The flight lands, and the next thing we see is a ten-way footrace out of the terminal to get cabs. It's pretty much a mob with Mallory as its sonic epicenter, and soon everyone's in taxis marveling at the scenery out their windows. In Jill and Thomas's case, this includes some pedestrians crossing the road that their stone-faced driver doesn't even bother braking for, so they're lucky they made it to the curb in time. Nat and Kat's driver at least grimaces at a bus pulling out in front of him, and makes the concession of going around behind it, but brakes are for wusses in Ghana, apparently.

Ironically, being a passenger in a taxi in Ghana isn't, because as they get into a more urban area, Jonathan and Connor find themselves trying to avoid a guy's arm reaching in through the back window and scaring the hell out of them. "Sir, I feel unsafe," Jonathan tells their cabbie as calmly as he can manage. Yeah, that would be freaky, but it's probably a good introduction to the idea that if you go to Accra you might want to leave your personal bubble in your backpack. They do escape the encounter, but not without getting spit on. "Please drive faster!" they harmonize to their driver. Lucky for them the cab doesn't seem to be in a place where the driver can just pull over and kick them out on the spot.

Mallory also blows off a beggar, clearly felling shitty about it (or maybe just because she lied to him about not having money when we know they have at least $137), but Andie says to Jenna, "How can you resist that face?" and hands over a coin. At least that guy leaves them alone after that. Jenna interviews about how selfless Andie is, and back in the cab Andie remarks that the beggar is somebody's son and she has children. Ten at home, in fact, according to her bio. "It might give us good karma," Jenna says, which is a lot better than some things she could say, if she were an asshole.

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