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Nick and Vicky somehow are in first place as teams start arriving at the park, with Brook and Claire right behind them, and Michael and Kevin behind them, closely followed by Chad and Stephanie, then Jill and Thomas. Brook and Claire are the first to actually reach the clue box, however. Phil says they'll now have to go to Makola Market to find their next clue. The other five lead teams, all of whose rankings we see onscreen to keep the subtitle writers busy, are right behind them. Nat and Kat, Team @, is arriving at about the same time, and Jonathan and Connor spot it from the road and ask their cabdriver George to wait for them as they get out. They get the clue in eighth place. "Oh, shoot, there's only two clues left," Mallory says when she and Gary reach the clue box in ninth place. Andie and Jenna get their clue in tenth place, so we can move on from this location. Thanks for Ghana's independence, Kwame Nkrumah.

To the Makola Market, where there are so many people that it sounds like the crowd at a major sporting event but without a sporting event. Most of the five lead teams are blown away at the sight as they're driving toward the main entrance, but Michael calmly informs Kevin, "I'm not a stranger to this kind of market. When I grew up back in Taiwan, it was like this, when I was a kid." Good, so he'll know where everything is, then. Teams start de-cabbing, and Brook and Claire's driver almost leaves with their bags still in the back, so Nick and Vicky jump ahead to be the first to read the clue: "Who thinks they can handle some shady dealings?" Something shady is already afoot if Nick and Vicky are in first place.

Phil narrates, "The African sun burns bright in the city of Accra. So sunglasses are one of the most popular items...for sale." Kind of a lame end to that sentence there, Phil. For the Road Block, someone is going to have to sell enough sunglasses to earn 15 cedis, at a minimum price of 3 cedis per pair, which happens to be about $2.11 in US dollars. These don't look like cheap-ass shades, either, but then Ghana isn't the richest country in the world. Anyway, after they're done, they'll exchange the 15 cedis with the lead vendor to get their next clue. I wonder whether the vendor gets to keep the cash, or how much he negotiated with the producers on price.

Anyway, Nick is taking this. So is Brook, who interviews, "Are you kidding, I have to sell something? Bring it on!" What, her partner can't sell shit? Jill, Chad (who is wearing his own sunglasses on the back of his neck, which isn't going to help him come off as a trustworthy authority on eyewear), Rachel, and Michael are taking this one, and Kevin admits that he's nervous about his dad sucking at this. They all start selling -- or rather, trying to sell -- just as Team @ arrives and Kat (the brunette) is taking it.

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