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Rachel tells a potential customer trying out oversized shades, "You look like Paris Hilton." The Ghanaian woman smiles indulgently, blissfully aware that nobody is going to mistake her for any dingbat hotel heiresses. Michael sells a pair, and he's up to 9¢. "I almost want to kiss her, but of course I can't," he interviews. Why not? Nothing seems to be stopping Brook, and in fact the woman Michael didn't kiss looks pretty sad about it. Rachel's up to 12¢, and hopes she's going to win. She certainly does seem to have a lead, but we haven't checked in with Brook for a while.

Jill, meanwhile, is trying to give a positive customer service experience to a prospect, warning her to watch her head while bundles pass by at cranium level, but stupid Thomas is still insisting on bellowing at her from a distance. Shut up, Thomas, she's trying to work. Thomas interviews about how you feel helpless while the other person's doing the Road Block, and there's their Express Pass to think of. "You don't want to end up last and not having used the Express Pass," Thomas says. Yes, that's the age-old dilemma, isn't it? Jill's trying to sell to the lady, who has now started posing and dancing with them on. Finally she says something in another language and her friend translates, "She says you don't get money." "Okay, everybody just likes to pretend," Jill grumps, stomping away. Maybe she'd have better luck if Thomas would yell her name more angrily.

Kat's still not selling anything. Nick's building a rapport with some guy who, it turns out, just wants to look at his tattoos. Chad and Jenna are somehow right next to each other competing, and Jenna says you can't be shy in this situation. Well, no, but the market's big enough so that you don't have to be on top of each other.

Gary and Mallory have finally arrived, and she picks up a whole rack of sunglasses that's as big as she is. "I've got some sunglasses for your...shaded pleasure," she says. I wasn't sure where that sentence was going for a second there. Chad's still working on that one girl. Damn, dude, do both of you a favor and move on! Brook finishes her last sale, earning the hell out of it, and as she gets her next clue she boasts, "Give me a sales challenge, bring it on." They're in first place as she reads the clue sending them to a part of Accra called the June Fourth Area. I assume this isn't being filmed on June Fourth, because that would make an area with that name very hard to narrow down. Phil says they're looking specifically for a shop called Peace Motor Spare Parts, which is where the next clue is. Off they go, Brook probably hoping that that "peace" thing isn't strictly enforced.

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