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Chad's still trying to squeeze another cedi out of that poor girl, and Jill comes up wondering if he's sold any. When he says he's on his last pair, she says, "Shut up!" Yes, Chad, shut up and sell that last pair to someone else. Michael finds a customer who wants a smaller pair than the ones he's carrying, and tells her to wait right there. Connor's doing well, selling two pair for ten cedis, but Michael just made his last sale. But then Connor sells two for six, so he's got 16ยข after only two transactions. Kevin's proud and not a little surprised to see his dad come out of the market in second place. Jonathan and Connor are off in third. Meanwhile, Chad is still leaning on that poor girl who looks like she just wants her two cedis back so she can get on with her life. She finally gives in, so Chad's done in fourth, and let's hear it for Chad for successfully shaking down a Ghanaian teenager. "Oh my God, pretty much everyone's done," Jenna says, even though Rachel just now finished in fifth.

Brook and Claire have reached Peace Motor Spare Parts, which brings us to Phil telling us about the creativity and ingenuity of the local people. "The result is a distinctive lifestyle that presents our teams with a unique Detour." The choice is "Tune In" or "Check Out." For Tune In, they'll go to an electrical supply store for a TV antenna system -- which basically includes a length of cable, some components, a few tools, and a long stick. Then they have to find one of the nearby houses with a home-painted Amazing Sign outside, and install the antenna to the satisfaction of the homeowner. When they get a picture on the TV, they get their clue. Assuming the homeowner isn't too entranced by the televised entertainment to hand it over.

For "Check Out," they'll go to a woodworking shop "where coffins are created to represent the lifestyle of their eventual occupants." In the yard outside the shop are all manner of novelty caskets shaped like cameras, lions, fish, Coke bottles, etc. As crowded as the city is, the cemeteries in the country must be pretty roomy. The teams will have to pick one and then schlep it across town to Hello Coffin, a coffin showroom. Phil didn't say anything about Ghanaian's gruesome sense of humor.

Brook and Claire opt for the antenna task, figuring it'll be the easier of the two. They quickly find a little shop called Adom Electricals and get a kit, along with some tools and two pair of safety glasses (opting for the pink-framed pairs, of course, to match their team color). They grab a ladder and head into the maze of shotgun shacks, quickly finding one with a red-and-yellow shingle hung outside. Brook's the one who mounts the ladder, saying, "You got a watermelon in the face, I'm going to get a hammer in the finger." Yeah, Claire still wins. Brook says it's harder than it looks, but Claire can't climb up to help her, even when she tries to stack a couple of benches up against the back of the house. Apparently Claire doesn't feel like pushing her luck these days for some reason. She gets distracted by the cooking going on, and Brook tells her to focus, although she refrains from threatening to deliver any food to Claire's face at thirty miles per hour. The antenna's finally in place outside, so they have to run the cable inside to the actual TV. Brook has to climb up on a cupboard to run the cable over the rafters, blathering to the owner about customer service. "It's really hot up here," she adds. Maybe it would get cooler if she stopped talking for thirty seconds.

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