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At the Prague airport, which I feel like we haven't seen for weeks, Meghan and Cheyne are pleased and not particularly surprised to see the brothers. They are kind of assuming that the third team is "Harlem," although they're all careful to say they really don't know. Brian guesses what they're thinking in the cab on the way there. "It's gonna be funny to se their faces when we walk in," he predicts. As they enter the terminal, she vows, "That finish line, I'm gonna run like there is no common sense in my brain." Yes, I've seen her in that mode. It's usually accompanied by more yelling and screaming than running, though. Meghan and Cheyne are wandering up and down the terminal, and are pretty stoked to see Brian and Ericka. "Sam and Dan are gonna freak out!" Meghan predicts. Then Sam and Dan see them, and freak out. It's like Meghan is psychic. They try to pass the blame off on the taxi driver who bailed on them. Brian interviews that he has forgiven, but won't forget. "It was a dirty move." But look who's still in the race, dude.

Everyone gets on the same plane, as always, and the Amazing Red Line makes a quick stop through London on its way to Las Vegas. After the plane touches down, the teams are all lined up, waiting for the door to open and completely wound up. More Katy Perry on the soundtrack and tons of Vegas porn precede the shot of the door opening, and the panicked scramble through McCarran Airport begins. Meghan|Cheyne and the Americas pile into waiting minivan taxis (and let me just say I've never gotten a cab that quickly outside the Vegas airport), but the brothers ended up going for one that's locked. Whoops. And Brian and Ericka end up leaving first! They're in the lead! Enjoy it while it lasts, Americas, because it won't. Behind them, Meghan tells their driver to beat them. Sam and Dan find a second cab whose driver seems to quickly apprehend the urgency of their situation, but they're still in third place. It isn't long before Meghan and Cheyne's driver passes Brian and Ericka. At least they enjoyed it while it lasted. Which it didn't. "We have the best cab driver in Vegas," Meghan says. They arrive at the Graceland Wedding Chapel just ahead of the Americas, and both teams dash through the parking lot to the front door and find it locked, which means they all pile into the side door together, with the brothers somehow now in front for about thirty seconds. Inside, that Elvis impersonator from earlier is singing "Amazing Grace" (yes, that's with two "g"s) to a couple that may or may not have actually just gotten married, although I'm thinking not, since there's no one in the pews and this is a TV show. But then who knows, in Vegas -- I once witnessed a wedding on a plane on the way there. The racers all sing along, then ask for their clues after Elvis finishes singing. Meghan and Sam have their hand on the first envelope, but it's Sam who gets it, and Ericka asks for the next one because she lives in Nashville. Like a fake Elvis is going to care about where she lives. Dude could be from Copenhagen for all she knows. It doesn't work anyway; Meghan and Cheyne get the next one, and Brian congratulates the possibly-real-possibly-fake couple as Ericka gets their clue and runs out calling back to them, "Enjoy marriage. Just don't race each other." Whatever that means.

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