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Michael is feeling sympathetic toward his and Louie's ox: "He's like, look at the size of you two fat bastards, why do I have to pull you, why can't I get the two skinny girls?" The smiling fruit merchant produces their clue with a flourish, and down they go to the beach.

Brent narrates that at leas they're still ahead of the Cowboys and the lesbians. That is, until the Cowboys catch up and pass. "NASCAR with bull, "Caite says with typical eloquence.

Carol and Brandy 's pile is getting smaller, but unbeknownst to them, there's one stray coconut under the frame of their cart. It's like, "duh!"

Brent and Caite are passing the cowboys right back, clipping their cart as they go around a curve. "That's gotta be a penalty," Jet jokes. Brent and Caite get their clue. But Jet and Cord do not. "No, you didn't load all your coconuts," the fruit merchant says. I'm beginning to wonder if that's the only English he knows. It would certainly explain how he got cast.

Louie|Michael and Brent|Caite seem to be getting on their respective boats at about the same time. As they ride out, Michael says they made sure they had all the coconuts. "We overshot a few, but we made sure we picked them up." But now it looks like the models' boat is gaining. Yes, I too have to keep reminding myself that Caite isn't the only model on her team. Maybe Brent is a hand model.

The Cowboys realize they have to go back. Jet interviews, "I wanted to grab him by the collar, and show him that cart right up close and convince him that we had enough coconuts. I think that would have been against the rules." But in keeping with his black cowboy hat. In either case, they're on their way back, one "Oh, my gravy" later.

Carol asks their ox as it gets hitched up, "Are you going to cooperate?" "Probably not," Brandy says. As they pull out, she adds, "We still have time to catch up. Somebody has to make a mistake somewhere." Right on cue, there's a close-up of the coconut they left behind. So yes, she is correct, but not in the way she thinks she means.

On the boat across the water, Brent narrates their status while Caite seems to be trying to wring her boobs dry in the background. "It's all about luck," he claims. "I'm glad we got wet, thought," Caite says saucily. "I felt dirty." Then she flips her wet hair back, possibly in the belief that viewer votes will play a role in her fate. Then there's some ranking subtitle hijinx as Brent and Caite's boat passes Louie and Michael's in midstream. Michael stops talking about controlling his own destiny when that happens.

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