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Aaand here come the Moms in Frankfurt, just in time to catch up with Brandon and Nicole, Chip and Kim, and Lance and Marshall at the gate. Brandon notes in an interview that everybody was on the plane together now, except "those sneaky cousins." And that meddling dog. (Sidebar: I recently found out that my five-year-old nephew recently discovered old Scooby-Doo episodes, and has been watching even the late ones after it got gimmicky, and that as a result, he is the only five-year-old in America who thinks Don Knotts is really funny. He also knows who Carol Channing is, and thinks the one with Sonny and Cher was just the best. Disturbing? I think so.) That flight takes off, Nicole voicing over that as far as she was concerned, they were all tied for last place. Uhh...good catch, Nicole. It's a shame they're removing the talent competition from the Miss America pageant, because you could have used that.

At 8:55 AM, it's almost time for Colin and Christie to storm the Tower of Cairo. They wake up, and Colin notes drowsily that waking up staring at the Tower of Cairo is not a bad way to start the day. They walk up to the top of the tower, happy that no other teams are there. When they rip the clue envelope, they find a Fast Forward. Phil explains that there are only two FFs on the entire course this time around, but the usual rules apply -- only the first team to get to it can use it, and the same team won't be able to use it both times. Blah blah blah, "most advantageous to go for it." He explains that in this FF, the team will have to find a sarcophagus at the Pharaonic Village. They'll then transport the sarcophagus by ferry to a temple and deliver it to a priest who will provide their next clue. Colin and Christie talk about whether they want to use the FF or not, and Colin says, "Might as well, we're in first place." Normally, that would be a very bad idea. In this case, though, it's probably the right call, because if there are two FFs, the next time it comes up, the first person to find it is going to take it knowing it's the last one, so if you're behind, it won't be there for you to find anyway. They call a taxi to head for the village.

When they get there, Colin rereads the clue that says to get the sarcophagus "from outside the village." The sarcophagus -- sarcophagi -- whatever -- are leaning up against the wall outside the front entrance. They ask a guy who tells them that the sarcophagi are on the island, and they have to get on a boat. Christie notes warily that she hopes this is right, because she doesn't want to have to come back and redo it. Colin says something about guaranteeing where it is or isn't, although it's hard to make out what he's saying. They boat to the island, where Christie notes that they haven't yet found a sarcophagus. It appears as though they then ferry back across and look outside the entrance, where they find what they need, heave the sarcophagus, and get moving. As they get on the boat, Colin says, "Don't drop the dead body." Heh, but also...shudder. They ferry to the temple, and as they walk there, Christie remarks, "You know, you never trust me, and I said the sarcophagus was on the other side..." "Hey, you know what, Christie?" he says. "We stopped over there because you wanted to stop over there. We were coming to the ferry. And then you changed your mind, and you decided you wanted to stop over there." They bicker for a bit, and we cut to the priest, who would appear to be shaking his head, which is probably apocryphal, but still awesome. Egyptian priests really hate bickering, especially when you're carrying a pretend dead king. As they deliver the sarcophagus to the priest, Christie voices over that because of their lack of trust, she and Colin wind up making mistakes. But in any event, the clue they get from the priest sends them to the pit stop. And where's the pit stop? It's at a little place you may have heard of, called the Sphinx.

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