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As he and Christie get out of their cab near the Sphinx and look around at the pyramids, Colin calls it "one of the most incredible places on the planet Earth." He elaborates that it is "absolutely breathtakingly astonishing," and I can't argue, even though normally that would be the adjectival equivalent of a thirty-six-car pileup, and I would not approve. They walk across in front of the Sphinx, crossing in front of it on the way to the mat. They walk up and are greeted by Phil, who tells them that they're team number one. Obviously, they are happy. I have to say, my first reaction to that moment was that when this show was originally conceived and dreamed of, I have to think that a team marching across in front of the Sphinx and landing on the finish line for the leg was precisely the kind of thing they hoped they were going to get, so seeing it is really pretty damn cool. I mean, that's what you tell your friends in a bar about the great idea you have for a show. "And they'd finish at, like, the Sphinx!" (If you worked for Fox, you would add that at the Sphinx, they would pick up an Egyptian wife who they would have to take home to live with them. If you worked for ABC, you would add that they would have to eliminate landmarks one by one over a series of weeks, until they narrowed it down to the landmark they want to spend the rest of their lives with. If you worked for Mark Burnett, you would add that just as they reached the Sphinx, they would be forced to decide amongst themselves which of them would be thrown into a tomb for all eternity. Hey, I could do this all day.) Christie voices over that they're happy to be ahead, and they're "crossing their fingers" that they can hold on to their huge lead. Yeah...not. I still think the FF was the right thing to do, but...really, not. You have not developed an unbunchable lead, by any means.

At 2:25 PM, Mirna and Charla land in Cairo. They hop in a cab. The next thing you know, they're at the top of the tower, reading the clue. It tells them to get themselves to the Giza Plateau, which is fourteen miles away. It's on the border of the Sahara desert, and is "the home to three great pyramids." Phil claims that teams will need to follow a series of yellow rocks (awww, yellow rocks!) to the next clue box. They get moving.

At 3:15 PM, the stragglers land. They all jump into cabs. On the way, they cross a river, and Chip asks the driver whether it's the Nile. He's excited to hear that it is. Chip notes in an interview that this is the home of Moses saying "Let my people go." Which, actually, is true. (And no, smarties, he did not say Moses parted the Nile. Pay attention!) In an interview, he goes on excitedly about being in the spot where biblical history was made. I feel the same way every time I walk around the third floor of the Mall of America, where I got lost on the weekend it opened. Don't get me started on the giant Lego bird, because I still have post-traumatic stress responses to it. But now it's all just "history."

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