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Brandon and Nicole ease past Marshall and Lance in their cab, and they thank their driver. Hey, always thank your driver. Taxicab karma is a terrible thing to waste.

Giza Plateau. Mirna notes that the pyramids are "huge." Very good, dear. Next week, we'll do addition and subtraction.

Of the teams on that last flight, the first to the tower are Brandon and Nicole. They compliment their driver behind his back as they head up the tower. Marshall and Lance are just behind, followed by Chip and Kim. Clue-reading ensues. Chip, for some reason, reads "Giza Plateau" as "Giza Plaza." Which is where the Giza Casual Corner is, I believe.

The moms and Twinkies, again, are straggling when they get to the tower, the Moms slightly out in front. Everybody in cabs, with the twins asking their driver to "haul butt." And haul butt he does, passing the Moms on the road to Giza Plateau. They thank him, and he gives them a smile that's 50% "I would like a large tip, please" and 50% "Do you two ever, you know, go on dates together?"

Marshall and Lance and Chip and Kim arrive at the Plateau, with Chip giving a whistle and a "Here, yellow rock!" Lance comments sadly to the camera that Marshall can barely walk, and that they're hoping that their lead over the lagging teams is enough to keep them in it. Seriously, Marshall is doing that walk that's either the result of excruciating knee pain or the sudden onset of intestinal distress.

Mirna has gotten way out ahead of Charla, and is yelling at her to hurry. Charla protests that she has a hard time running in the sand. "Well, do a little bit better, please, it's going to get dark in an hour." Okay, that is so crappy. Running is literally the only thing I've seen Charla do where she is actually at a disadvantage, and it seems to me that Mirna standing there berating her for not being fast enough is kind of...awful. I don't doubt that Charla's doing her best. Anyway, they finally get to the Roadblock, which is titled, "Who's up for going down?"


Yeah, everybody's got a dirty mind, but that one doesn't even need a dirty mind. Anyway, so -- hey, Exposition Hands! -- we are told that the Roadblock will require someone to climb down ladders to the bottom of a shaft (hee, "shaft") and pull a satchel out of a sort of pond of disgusting water. They'll give the satchel to an Egyptologist who will give them another clue. (I can't think of anything dirty to associate with the word "Egyptologist," although I'm sure I could, if given enough time.) Mirna claims, unsurprisingly, that she can't do the Roadblock, claiming claustrophobia. Charla's like, "Okay, fine, Princess DeadWeight, I'll do it myself, AS USUAL." Although she uses other words. "I'll get the bag and I'll come back up," Charla says as she heads into the hole. "Take your time, honey!" Mirna yells into the hole. Yeah, you're a big help.

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