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Elsewhere, Mirna and Charla search for the next clue. Mirna manages to spot the clue box, and when the get to it, it's a Detour. The options? "Rock and Roll," or "Hump and Ride."

Excuse me, Hump and Ride? Were these all written on Take Your Twelve-Year-Old Cousin To Work Day? But, you know, pros and cons, blah dee blah, says Phil. He explains that in Rock and Roll, you use a platform and some logs to transport 600 pounds of stone about 100 yards. It's basically the thing where you roll the platform, and then you go and get the log in the back and move it to the's like wheels, if you didn't know about wheels yet. This task is physically demanding, but you can move at your own pace. In Hump and Ride, you have one hour of hot monkey sex in front of a group of lecherous camels. No, not really. Actually, you ride a pair of horses leading two camels along a trail. So you're not riding the camels, but you're still stuck with how fast they, and the horses, can go.

As Mirna interviews that they probably can't manage pulling the rocks, she and Charla discuss the Humping and Riding. Their immediate problem is that the hours of operation for the camels (who are in the union) are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, and it's currently 5:27 PM. Charla looks at the distance to where the camels are, and insists that they won't make it over there in three minutes. Mirna ignores her and insists that they can make it. "If I can make that, then you can make that," she says. And I think that's rude, because as stated previously, Charla kicks ass at many things, but she is not as fast running as somebody with legs three times as long as hers, and acting like she's being a baby about it is pretty shitty. How's Charla going to feel if Mirna runs off without her and she's dragging behind and doesn't get there in time? That's going to be embarrassing and demoralizing, in addition to a waste of time. I understand that Mirna's all hot and bothered to Hump and Ride (ew), but I think the call on this should probably have been Charla's.

Down in the hole, Brandon is going for his satchel, saying he "kind of felt like Indiana Jones." Heh. He pulls the bag, as we watch Marshall and Lance pull the Roadblock clue and Lance grump, "I guess I'm doing it."

"Charla, they're leaving!" Mirna shrieks across the desert. "Charla, run!" Oh, my God. HATE. I have yet to see Charla give less than 100% to anything, and it is increasingly irritating how this harpy is taking advantage of her long legs to act like a bossy drill sergeant. Gross.

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