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Suck Like An Egyptian

Tense footage. The moms and Twinkies appear to be fairly close -- close enough to see each other -- walking to the pit stop. Linda and Karen, running! Twinkies, running!

Sigh. You know where this is going, right? Sure you do. As usual, the Twinkies manage to come in just before last place. They can thank Chip. Do you think they will? Yeah, me neither.

Linda and Karen come up to the mat. They're told they're last. But, it's non-elimination, so they're not eliminated. But, there's a catch. They're being stripped of all their money, and they get none for the next leg. So...they're broke. Phil tells them they're "hanging on by a thread." He wishes them luck, which isn't quite a hearty "screw you," but it's close. Linda voices over that being broke in Egypt, not exactly a center of wealth among the masses, won't be easy. But guess what? They won't give up. Yeah, I'm not surprised.

Next week: Begging for dollars. Shirtless Brandon. Happy Nicole. A smackdown between Colin and Christie and Charla and Mirna over a taxi. Greeeat.

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