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Brandon and Nicole arrive at the airport, hear the scoop on tickets from other teams, and decide just to get the same flight everybody else is on and let it ride. Hmph. That's not like them at all. Perhaps they wore themselves out with the schmoop. Lance and Marshall, meanwhile, wonder if the reason they haven't seen Colin and Christie is that they went to a travel agent rather than coming straight to the airport. It appears that the fellas are at least making some additional effort, however, as they approach Air France about a flight. They are told, however, that the ticketing office is closed, so there is no way to get on. Back out in the airport, they run into Colin and Christie, and everyone catches the snap that Colin and Christie's tickets are fifty minutes better than everyone else's -- including Colin, who -- of course -- smiles wickedly, like he's really excited about the tickets. Or he's really excited about eating your cat. "Currently in 1st place," Colin and Christie board their Air France flight, which will take them to Cairo via Paris.

Chip and Kim, Brandon and Nicole, and Lance and Marshall all sit around together, waiting for their flight out. Mirna and Charla are nearby as well, but as Lance or Marshall notes, the Moms and Twinkies are nowhere to be found at this point.

At the St. Petersburg train station, the Twinkies bail off the train, followed by the Moms. Both teams head into the museum. The Twinkies, fortunately for them, run immediately into a bookish-looking Russian girl who apparently adopts them and takes them directly to the painting. Unfortunately for them, Linda and Karen are not similarly adopted. The Twinkies' Fern is much, much too happy about hanging out with them, and even hovers over their shoulders going "Wooo!" while they read their clue. I think their Russian friend is among the...let's say "over-invested." I'm also sorry to say she looks a little bit like the pre-makeover portion of The Princess Diaries, only taller and more...Russian. On their way out, the Twinkies encounter the Moms, who are discouraged to realize they're now firmly in last place. The Twinkies, on the other hand, are very happy that Russian Fern is taking them to a travel agency. And what do they find at the travel agency? The flight to Cairo landing tomorrow at 3:15 PM.

Linda and Karen continue struggling to find the painting. Ultimately, they do find it, but by then, they appear quite disheartened. When they get in their taxi, they appear to ask their driver for the "airport." In fact, Linda says, "airport" twice. It's not impossible that they said "international airport" and we didn't see it, but it looks at least possible that what's about to happen to them is partly their own fault. And what's about to happen? Well, the next thing we see is them being dropped off at...the domestic airport. When they approach the ticket lady and ask about Cairo, the lady's like, "Um, yeah, not so much."

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