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The Twinkies, however, do get to the international airport. They are in a bit of a crunch to make the flight to Frankfurt, as the rest of the teams are preparing to board. Chip and Kim, Brandon and Nicole, Mirna and Charla, and Lance and Marshall are all on the plane when they catch sight of the twins coming down the aisle. Nobody is happy to see them. Including me. The Twinkies interview that they almost missed the plane...but they didn't. They certainly do have a remarkable ability to almost get screwed, and then...not. And then...on the plane...they look at each other, and...oh, good God. They hold up their little index fingers, crook them at each other, and crinkle their noses, like, "Score!" Now that really is disgusting. Where is Mirna's indignation when you really need it? That's like something out of Mean Girls. Ew.

The flight takes off from St. Petersburg on its way to Frankfurt. In a cab on the way to the international airport, Linda and Karen lament their situation. When they get to the airport, they learn that there aren't any more flights out tonight. Ohhh...uh-oh.

Commercials. Look! Tile flooring! Amazing! Okay, the theme doesn't work for everything.

Linda and Karen receive instructions to head for the "yellow building," famous in this episode for containing Lufthansa. There, they learn that they cannot get out tonight -- but they can get out in time to catch up with the other teams in Frankfurt before the flight heads from Frankfurt to Cairo. "Like your friends," the lady tells them, and they're very, very excited. They high-five, but do not squeak. I think that brutal last leg took some of the squeak out of them, which means it may not have been an entirely bad thing. Phil reviews the flights, but the sequence isn't that tricky right now -- Colin and Christie in front, Linda and Karen dragging, everybody else bunched up in the middle.

Colin and Christie's flight lands in Paris. And what do the frontrunners do while they're waiting for their flight to Cairo? They run around looking for a better flight to Cairo. And for their hustle, they are rewarded with a flight that lands in Cairo fully twelve hours before the one they were scheduled to take. Zoiks. And they don't have much time to make the new flight, either, so it looks like they cut their layover from about twelve hours to about nothing. Very impressive. Moreover, it's a quality advantage, because it will put them into Cairo at 2:35 in the morning rather than 2:25 in the afternoon, which is genuinely far better, since it gives you the entire day to work rather than only the last few hours of it, and even if you can't get started until morning, you're still way ahead of the game. They look very happy with themselves, as they should, getting on their flight from Paris to Cairo.

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