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They do fine, though -- they get on their bus, are charged three dollars (per something), and leave. "Come on, habibi, we don't have all day!" Mirna yells. Is the Tanzanian bus driver likely to speak Arabic? Because if he doesn't, you wouldn't want to accidentally call him, say, "Bag Of Rotten Meat." It might be time to retire "habibi," Mirna.

Christie, still getting her ice princess on for the day, tells the people who are helping her and Colin that if they don't go faster, they're not paying them -- which apparently they've agreed to do. She certainly is today's Goodwill Ambassador for the Snooty McBitch Corporation, isn't she? Colin and Christie drop off their furniture and get the receipt.

The happy faux-Disney music kicks in again as Chip and Kim arrive at their destination. They enjoy a very happy meeting with the people at the house where they deliver the chairs. A woman emerges from the house and greets them, and then the guy who helped them bring the chairs urges Kim to come and sit in one of them. Chip and Kim take a moment to just sit in the chairs on the porch, next to their hosts. Chip comments, "People -- everywhere I turn -- people look like me. It's not something that we get to experience every day. It's just a beautiful, beautiful thing." As they're getting ready to leave, the lady of the house emerges with some watermelon slices, which they stop to enjoy for a minute before they get going. They thank the hosts profusely, of course. Lovely people, all of them. They're like the sweet chewy center in a big and crunchy Bitter Bar.

On the Brandon/Nicole Kami/Karli Bus of Discontent, things come to a grinding halt as the bus guys announce that they're out of gas. Hmm. They insist they'll send someone to get gas, and it's "no problem." Of course, everything with this particular guy appears to be "no problem." Brandon asks how long it will take to get some more gas, and as two guys run off in a random direction, they're assured it won't be long. Brandon tries the "I'm in a race" thing, as he sometimes does, and that is not going to work. Seriously. A guy who is, in all likelihood, right in the middle of ripping you off? He's not going to care if you're in a race. If anything, he's going to be like, "Twenty for the gas. Oh, you're in a race? I meant...fifty for the gas."

As Brandon stands by the side of the road, Mirna and Charla and the Moms' bus comes by, and they see his rather distinctive Christopher-Atkins-like form hanging out by the bus. They all grin. "How did we catch up?" Linda wonders. Well, that would be the part where the bus broke down, genius. Did you see how they were all standing by the side of the road? Yeesh. Brandon tells the camera that after getting on the middle flight and having their bus break down -- a bus he's not even confident will take them where it's supposed to once they get everything squared away -- he's just not feeling too confident. "Lord, please help us get there," he mutters. (The Lord: "Hey, I never said the plan was winning; you said so yourself. Maybe My plan is for you to enjoy the scenery where the bus broke down.") Nicole sits miserably inside the bus, slooooowly succumbing to...Killer Fatigue.

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