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Elsewhere, Mirna and Charla and the Moms catch the Detour clue, and they both choose the furniture as well.

Colin and Christie are the first to arrive at the Roadblock. "Who's really hungry?" the clue asks. Oy. Another eating task? Bleh. I don't like these at all. Phil explains that in this Roadblock, the person who takes it will need to eat an ostrich egg. First, you open the egg and drain enough into a bowl to fill it completely. Then, you cook the egg in a pan, and then you eat it. The amount they have to eat is the equivalent of about two dozen chicken eggs, and...seriously, if I wanted to watch Fear Factor, people, I'd be watching it. Enough with the stuff-your-face challenges. At least in previous seasons, it was the unusual nature of the food, and not its tendency to make you physically sick, that was at issue. This is just a really unfortunate trend.

Colin takes this Roadblock -- since, after all, Christie did the caviar. He voices over that he's very "bad at eating foods," due to his "sensitive gag reflex." Oh, come on, you big baby. Where would you know that from? Never mind, I don't want to know. He uses a drill to get into his egg. He pours it into the bowl, but as he goes to pick up the bowl, a bunch of it slops out. He fills it with more of the egg, but when he tries to get it past the store owner who's running the Roadblock, it's no dice -- not full. He's got to try again with a new egg. Hee. You can see that he yells, "FUCK!" as he goes to get another egg. I like to see a guy lose his shit over scrambled eggs. That's funny. And he's not going to be able to go to a brunch buffet without having post-traumatic stress for the rest of his life. Sad, but...also funny.

Chip and Kim approach the hotel.

Colin tries again with a new egg, but once again, he slops the egg out of the bowl when he goes to pick it up. "Colin, it's falling!" Christie yells angrily. Yes, the egg? It is falling. She wanders to the edge of the little eating area and slams the clue envelope down onto a table with considerable force. Ooooh, she's got her a temper, too. Colin throws the bowl down in disgust. Snerk.

The Twinkies keep pushing their cart, and Nicole keeps telling Brandon she can't run. He voices over that she "just kind of gave up" on this particular leg. He adds that she's not particularly physically strong, and she seemed to need to be pulled along.

Charla and Mirna are loading and pulling their cart, as are the Moms. The Moms take a straight route to get going, but Charla insists on detouring around a puddle first, which causes them to get behind from the very beginning. "Charla, they're not stuck, you're making us go a lot further," Mirna complains. "My heart is gonna stop," Charla complains as they pull the cart. "Okay, just let it go, I'll do it by myself," Mirna answers. As they run, Mirna says more loudly, "Charla, just let it go if your heart's gonna stop." It doesn't really seem to be an issue of them literally lacking the physical power to pull the thing, because they have two guys working on it with them, and they're certainly moving faster with the cart than Brandon and Nicole or the Twinkies. I think they just didn't do quite as well with the navigating, which would be consistent with their tendency to get lost every time they get away from their one comfort zone, which is the airport. They're great in the airport. Everywhere else? Problems.

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