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The Twinkies and Charla and Mirna head for the hotel. At the Roadblock, Colin lifts his wooden spoon like he's going to stab his eggs to death, but at the last minute, he remembers that they won't feel it, and he stops. Kim tells Chip he has to just make himself eat the damn eggs. Colin, meanwhile, has reduced his eggs to a pile of little grainy-looking clumps that are totally not appetizing at all. Those are way, way overcooked, seriously. It looks like some combination of eggs and cold oatmeal. Gross with a capital "G." Chip, however, is done. The Chipper, he can eat. Phil explains that the teams will now have to cross a giant gorge on a flying fox (a zipline, basically), and then they'll land at the pit stop, which is at a place called the Lake Manyara Lookout. He explains that the lookout "is the pit stop for this leg of the race." When he doesn't say, "The last team to check in here will be eliminated," careful viewers know that this is a non-elimination round, which sort of takes the air out of the next few scenes.

KamiKarli come to the Roadblock, arriving with Brandon and Nicole. Meanwhile, Colin retches for the first time. Kami and Brandon take the Roadblock, switching off from their caviar-swallowing partners. Linda and Karen have arrived, too. My favorite part is that they're standing in the wrong order, so that their shirts say "Moms Bowling." Which reminds me of the episode of Home Improvement where the little son was in the Christmas pageant, and when the four kids walked onstage, their choir robes spelled out "LEON." Very funny, even though it was an episode of Home Improvement. Anyway, Linda tells Karen she's going to have to be the eater this time. I have a feeling that being the caviar-eater was an experience that stuck with these people quite traumatically. Karen is not thrilled, but there's not a lot she can say, so she agrees.

Mirna and Charla approach the hotel. At the Roadblock, Colin is considering throwing up. He ultimately goes with his gut. Heh. Before you know it, everyone is eating, and Colin is still struggling with his plate. "Colin, you're acting like a baby. It's eggs, for crying out loud," Christie says. Karli tells Kami to just think of it as "an omelet." Mirna and Charla arrive, which Christie points out to Colin. "Who's really hungry...Charla is," Mirna says. "I guess so," Charla says, clearly unhappy. Colin digs into his totally disgusting eggs. Charla tries to break into her egg, as Mirna tells her, "It's delicious; it's good for you; all protein." If I'm Charla, that's where I turn around and go, "Well, then, YOU eat it, or SHUT YOUR FLUFFY TRAP."

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