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Eating, eating, eating. "You're going to beat Colin, I can't believe it, Karen," Linda says, apparently buying into the "It's All About Beating Colin" model made popular by Mirna. Kami is also working on not throwing up. "It's just eggs!" Charla is saying as she cooks, as Mirna gives the never-helpful advice that "it's a delicacy." So apparently, Charla will be having no trouble with it at all. Colin eats as Charla continues cooking. He continues eating. "I just hope we can keep our lead," Christie laments.

Commercials. I cannot tell you how much I don't need to hear Larry King interviewed about his sex life. I mean, seriously.

More eating. Linda speculates that all of the locals standing around are wondering what the "crazy Americans" are up to. Colin, especially, although they'll know the answer is, "Repeatedly throwing up into a bucket." I cannot believe how disgusting his eggs look. I couldn't eat those suckers, either. I think I would have just thrown in the towel and started over with a new egg. Nobody else's look nearly that horrifying. Kami is eating while holding her nose, nevertheless.

Elsewhere, Chip and Kim are at the flying fox to head for the pit stop. Yay! They climb up and get harnessed in together, and they start over the gorge. "Oh, my God, this is awesome!" Chip says. They land, and they get detached from all the equipment. "That was fuuuun!" Kim says. Hee. They run to the pit stop. "Heeeey, there he is!" Chip says. On the mat, the greeter welcomes them to Manyara, Tanzania. "Thank you, my brother," Chip says, shaking his hand. Phil tells them they're team number one. Phil tells them that they've won a vacation to Latin America. Wooo! Trip for Chip and Kim! Yay! Can I go with you? Okay, not really.

Colin takes his last few bites, and finally, he and Christie are off. Kami? Still holding her nose.

A bite of eggs tries to leap up out of Karen's throat, but she keeps it down. And she's the next to be done, so they're out of there.

Colin and Christie do the flying fox with surprising enthusiasm, considering that he just ate about a pound of eggs. She seems to be holding back a little until she reaches the other side safely without a chest full of partially digested scrambled eggs. Although honestly, I'm not sure he still had much of it in his belly at this point. I think a lot of it was back in the bucket, if you get my drift.

Brandon finishes his eggs. "Come on, Charla, you can do it, you're good at this," Mirna insists. Yeesh, shades of Millie. Brandon and Nicole get up and out, leaving only the Twinkies and Mirna and Charla behind.

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