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Phil tries to throw a bone to Mirna (not in the way she wants, of course) by talking about what a great partner she was and all. Mirna doesn't even talk; it's all Charla saying she loves Mirna. Which is grand. And I'm really glad they're not going to be on the show anymore, because frankly, they were unpleasant. Not evil, not dirty, just unpleasant and unhappy about everyone else on the trip, and that's just not the kind of energy I particularly enjoy. Don't get me wrong -- Colin and Christie suck also. I would vote for them to go next. They won't, I don't think, but that would be my vote. All these people who have chosen to spend all their time bitching about each other? Yeah, they can all go home.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Colin blows his stack, finally. Criminal!

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