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Of course, after they're inside and Christie is merely running front of her, Mirna repeats, "Bitch, move out of the way." Which is great, because when she was absolutely right, she said, "Excuse me," and now that she has no case, she says, "Bitch, move out of the way." Christie doesn't have to move out of the way when she's running in front of you, dear. It's also great because Mirna had an Insider video interview a week or two ago in which she was going on and on and on and on about Colin and Christie saying "fuck" and how disgusting it was. Apparently, "Bitch, move out of the way" is more the way the delicate ladies talk. I think she's got her pinky up while she says it, actually. The other stupid thing is that they're all fighting to get to Kenya Air, which they find out is closed anyway. Good show, morons. Some things just don't require elaborate analysis, and this is one of them: Hello? You all suck.

Brandon and Nicole and Chip and Kim get to the terminal next, along with the Moms.

Inside, Christie breathlessly repeats to a Twinkie how she "stood in the doorway like this," and she proudly giggles at how she blocked Charla and Mirna out of pure spite. She happily repeats how Mirna was all, "Out of the way, bitch!" Oh, I remember junior high. "She was like...and I was all...and then she was just totally...and then I go…and she goes...and I was like, 'OH MY GOD!' And that's why I'm not giving her any gum." Elsewhere, Mirna is telling the story to the Moms as well, but interestingly, when she tells it, she says, "She blocked the doors like this, against Charla." And damn, that pissed me off. What Christie did was totally ridiculous, but it was not aimed at Charla, it was aimed primarily at Mirna, and Mirna knows it. What bugs is that she's the one, in that situation, who is stereotyping Charla and making her into a little victim, all persecuted by mean people, in a situation where Charla's size has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I think it's really offensive for Mirna to try to leverage the things that are legitimately a pain in the ass for Charla in order to gain a point against a girl she just doesn't get along with, no matter how much that girl just acted like a total bitch. It's like she's exploiting the pity that people feel for Charla, which Charla is forever trying to get them not to feel. Why didn't Mirna just say Christie blocked her? Or them? As far as I'm concerned, she did it because it makes a better, more sympathetic story, and Mirna gets more mileage out of it, if she says "against Charla." Charla, of course, isn't exactly objecting. "She was blocking the airport doors as if she has control over the whole airport!" Charla agrees. Yep. Christie seized control of the entire airport for six whole seconds. String her up!

To review: I hate everyone involved in that entire incident. Well, except Charla, who didn't really have much to do with it. And Colin, who, as to that particular piece of business, didn't, either. So I guess it's just Mirna and Christie, both of whom could use a bucket of pig's blood over the head at the prom, if you ask me.

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