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Commercials. If you went by television, you would think 90 percent of people's time was spent choosing between allergy medications.

When we return to the GulfAir office, KamiKarli is still bitching to KarliKami about what "idiots" they were to follow Colin instead of "doing their own thing" at the airport. Yeah. Because doing their own thing? That always turns out really well. "Their own thing" has staked them to a whole series of back-of-the-pack finishes, so it's really too bad they didn't go with that, because their Mystery Destination really would have been Oconomowoc. On the plane, the Moms and Mirna and Charla put their bags in the overhead compartments. "Let's relax!" says Charla or Mirna (I still can't tell their voices apart). And back in the GulfAir office..."We can take all of you," the gentleman says.

So all of them board the plane. "I felt genuinely terrible," Mirna says as she explains her feelings upon seeing the rest of the teams. Well, at least that makes me feel genuinely better about how genuinely irritated I was feeling before the commercials, when she was being such a genuine pain in the genuine ass. We cut to a shot of Colin's evil smile, which I think is just a leeeetle bit exaggerated for comic effect. He's really oily, though. And tragically, he's not even pretty enough to be a smarmy little pretty boy.

The flight with everyone on board goes from Cairo to Bahrain. In the Bahrain airport, Charla and Mirna are looking again for an earlier flight. Mirna, speaking in her accented English again, some more, explains that she has exchanged their tickets through Abu Dhabi for tickets through Dubai. She congratulates herself and pumps her fist and whatnot as she goes through the airport. Karen explains -- while looking very dubious, I would point out -- that this is supposedly going to get them into Nairobi a half-hour ahead of the other teams. "It's a gamble," Linda says, recognizing what it appears that Mirna does not -- that switching to a different flight with a different connection is a risk, and when the only payoff is a half-hour? The Extra Step is one thing, but if you're going to gamble for that small of an advantage before you've done any tasks, you'd better feel confident that it's going to work out for you. And what was that about how everything is always delayed? Yeah. Anyway, these four fly from Bahrain to Dubai. The rest of the teams leave Bahrain for Abu Dhabi, where they'll change planes as well.

In Dubai, the funniest thing happens -- for once, Mirna and Charla do not have perfect luck, and find that their flight is delayed. "It was truly a sad moment," Charla says. Well, yes. But of course, one person's "sad" is another person's "hilarious." Mine, specifically. Linda and Karen lament to the camera that they are now behind the pack again. Well, those are the risks of not paying any attention to actual records of success when determining which team is "better." ["Or of not doing your own work. To my mind, it's a bit late in the game to be relying on other teams for transportation, but whatever." -- Sars] "We have to keep our fingers crossed that fate is on our side," Mirna interviews. Mm-hmm.

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