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Phil explains again that when teams arrive in Nairobi, they'll sign up for one of three charter flights to the Mystery Destination. Is it...Pittsburgh? The flights leave at 8:00 AM, 8:45 AM, and 9:30 AM. At the Nairobi airport, the first team off the plane is Colin and Christie, and they head for the charter desk. Colin and Chip run up to the desk together, so those will be the teams on the first charter. "They're not here," Colin says, as Brandon and a Twinkie come up behind to sign up for the second charter. "They're not here." The Twinkie stops and does a little arm-waving victory dance, which I thought was kind of cute. I have to admit -- and it might just all be relative -- that the Twinkies are sorta growing on me. They're not very bright, but they do have a bizarre ability to avoid being Philiminated long after they should have vanished in a puff of vapidity. Colin explains that, indeed, he expected Mirna and Charla and the Moms to have arrived ahead of them, but instead, his group all made it on the first two flights.

Chip and Kim and Colin and Christie board the first charter flight. "This is so cool," Colin says to Christie. "I mean, here we are, Nairobi, Kenya, on a prop plane, not knowing where we're going next." Thank you, Colin, for that totally spontaneous moment of awe. As they're leaving, they spot Mirna and Charla and the Moms, coming in on their flight. What's totally hysterical is that despite the fact that the sign-in sheets are right there, and we've already seen that they're filled in, Mirna asks whether there's room on Charter 1...and is told, obviously, no...before accepting that indeed, she will be on the last plane. Apparently, she thought that the other teams might have decided to sign up for the later charter instead of the earlier one. Hey, you never know! By the way, while waiting for her delayed flight, Mirna apparently used her spare time to put some really silly-looking braids in her hair.

On Charter 1, Colin and Christie and Chip and Kim take in the sights as they fly. Colin points out Mount Kilimanjaro, in case you were going to miss it. They're followed at 8:45 AM by Charter 2. On that flight, Nicole spots a rainbow out the window. "It's a symbol of God's promise," she says. And yes, it's twee, but it's also right out of the Bible, so...yeah, if that's what she thinks, then that's what she thinks. It's not like she went up and told the pilot, "Excuse me, I would just like to point out the symbol of God's promise off to the right. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your -- AAAAAAHHH, no, no, fly straight, I'll sit down." At 9:30 AM, the last charter takes off, carrying Mirna and Charla and Linda and Karen.

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