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The twins walk up to an information booth and ask the guy for directions to walk to Bangkok Noi. "It's too far," he flatly tells them. They ask how long it would take, and he laughs, "Maybe... five hours." Yeah, that's probably not going to work. Their cheeriness takes a pretty hard hit right about then, but they aren't about to start begging people for money in what looks like a poor area. "I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," one of them says as they walk on. I hate that expression. It makes me want to die, and I never seem to be any stronger after I don't.

The snowboarders arrive at Bangkok Noi canal, soon to be joined by Jeremy and Sandy. After the fish-feeding and the clue-getting, the snowboarders are in fourth and Jeremy and Sandy are in fifth. The snowboarders run across a bridge while Jeremy and Sandy hop into a tuk-tuk. The siblings arrive at the canal next, feed the fish, and head back to their waiting taxi in sixth. Good call, asking the taxi to wait.

The twins are walking across town when Marie half-idly suggests just begging a ride from a taxi. They go up to a waiting driver, who literally laughs in their faces at first, but they convince him they're serious and for some reason he agrees to take them to the canal for nothing. "It's the worst feeling in the world not to have money," Marie says from the back of their taxi, which I assume is an exaggeration coming from someone with a recently deceased father. "Never underestimate the generosity of people," Liz says. They don't seem to be in much danger of that.

Andy &Tommy are at the doorway of some glass-fronted school building, asking a woman in a business suit for directions to the M. R. Kukrit Heritage Home. "Just a moment, please," she tells them, and walks off, promising to be back in a few minutes. Laurence and Zac feed the fish and get the clue to the next Pit Stop in seventh place. Off they go. And Andy and Tommy find themselves standing outside the school, with no idea what their ranking is and no idea when the woman will be back. Some other woman comes out and tells them she's upstairs teaching, and invites them to sit down and wait. As calmly as they can, they say they're kind of in a hurry, racing and all. "Okay," the new woman says. "Not okay," they disagree, as they realize that the AWOL woman has their clue with them. And they're not allowed to go up to her classroom, so all they can do is wait for her to call down. "Oh, my goodness, what are we doing right now?" Tommy wonders, while Andy just laughs in disbelief.

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