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They have quite a few seconds, however, because Bill and Cathi are just now leaving the dock at 12:22 PM, in seventh place. Jennifer and Justin have gotten their Roadblock clue, and Justin takes this one. He carefully wades in and starts probing the bottom with a stick, in a completely different approach than Andy's. I would have expected him to put his head under if for no other reason than so he wouldn't be able to hear Jennifer any more.

Jeremy and Sandy are approaching the adventure company, and guessing in advance that the local transport is indeed an elephant. They and Laurence & Zac are still close together, all the way to the elephant-riding stage. "I love my Dumbo," Sandy says from atop their animal. Jeremy laughs because he's happy she still loves him. "It's definitely not the fastest mode of transport," Zac points out from right behind them. He can complain about slow modes of transport if the Amazing Race takes him around the world in more time than his sailboat did.

Justin manages to retrieve a clue from the bottom of the pool without getting his head wet. Team Control arrives at the elephant-rental place just as some of the employees are washing elephants in the river, with Amani and Marcus still right behind them. Marcus, with his fear of heights, admits to being nervous with all the rocking. I guess Shetland elephants weren't available.

Andy and Tommy arrive at the store and quickly find the spirit houses designated for disassembly by the racers. "We gotta take a mental note in case we gotta put this back together," Andy says. There are miniature people and elephants laid out in the house's little platform yard, and after taking a quick look, they start taking it apart, each of them doing one side. There's a problem with that approach that will become apparent later.

Jeremy & Sandy and Laurence & Zac meet the siblings coming back on the elephant trail, and when Laurence tells them to enjoy it, Sandy mutters she's having a hard time with that, being a little scared. So does she not love her Dumbo any more? Or her elephant?

Andy and Tommy arrive at the temple and find the clues sitting in a big leather satchel outside. It's the second Roadblock in a row. Unsurprisingly, Phil explains that this one requires teams to put their spirit house back together the same way they found it, and a monk outside the temple will give them their next clue. Tommy further reads from the clue, "Surprise! If you did the Water Music Roadblock, your partner MUST do this one." The bolding and italics are in the clue, by the way. Also, the clue spells it as "Roadblock," while I've been typing "Road Block" for six and a half seasons now. Why doesn't anyone tell me these things? I'm so embarrassed. I'm going to go check my teeth for spinach now, since I obviously can't rely on you people to give me a heads-up when I'm looking like a moron. "Sorry, dude," Andy tells Tommy. No Roshambo this time, at least. Tommy gets to work schlepping the pieces from their vehicle to the temple grounds. As he works on putting it up under the watchful eye of a judge in white clothes, he says that being Christians, it's been "interesting" for him and Andy with all these Buddhist temples and tasks. "But God is definitely greater than the temple." I'm going to assume that he means God is greater than one specific religion, because otherwise I have to assume he's a douchebag. As for Andy, says that he doesn't feel weird about it: "We know the one true God, and it's pretty straightforward when you read the Bible." Funny, there are large parts of the Bible I don't find straightforward at all. And I'm having a harder time with an alternate interpretation of that remark that doesn't make Andy sound like a douchebag. In more immediate news, Tommy is placing the miniatures around his house almost at random, saying, "I have no idea where this goes." What, no suggestions from God?

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