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Justin and Jennifer arrive at International House of Spirit Houses, and for once they agree on something: namely, that they need to make a note of exactly how their spirit house looks before they start taking it apart. Jennifer hits on the clever idea of having their driver take a picture with his camera phone. "That's smart," Justin says. "Damn right," she crabs. But still with the agreeing!

Marcus brings a burlap-wrapped clue up from the depths. "Oh, nuts, do you think that's it?" asks Cindy, who has some kind of water plant stuck to her head. She soon goes under and comes up with her own, and the two teams break and read their clues in fifth and sixth place. Back on the elephants for all of them. Meanwhile, after arriving at the temple, Jennifer reads the clue on the second Roadblock and says, "I knew it!" but stops crowing when she realizes how heavy some of the pieces are that she's going to have to haul over from the songthaew. "How come you didn't get this side?" she asks Justin, who chuckles from the sidelines.

Jeremy and Sandy arrive at Spirit House Mart, and Sandy advises Jeremy to pay attention, since they'll have to reassemble it. Zac & Laurence also arrive, and Zac says, "We should take notes." Laurence, with the wisdom of age, scoffs, "No, no," and insists they hurry up and get it apart right away. They do get out of there before Jeremy and Sandy and their meticulous note-taking, and when Zac points out that they didn't take any notes, Laurence breezes, "Not a problem." Good thing there's someone wise on their team.

Jennifer is busy with her spirit house as she says, "Doing this, while it may not be the same religion as mine, it still warrants the same amount of respect. I wouldn't want somebody coming into my church and disrespecting my crosses or anything like that." That's all anyone asks, snowboarders. Then she gets a no and calls out for the driver's phone. Using that for reference, she says, "Duh!" and goes back for the little cup of water that should be part of it, which she left behind at the truck. With that in place, she's done and she and Justin are still in second place as they read the clue directing them to the Phuket bus terminal.

Team NFL and Team Control are riding their elephants back to the rental place in tandem, marveling over how amazing they are. But that's nothing compared to the excitement of Liz and Marie, who are still riding to the first destination and just spotted a roadside sign advertising a "baby elephant show." They gush about how elephants are their favorite animal. Imagine how they'll react when they find out they'll actually get to meet one.

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