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Zac finishes taking his notes and hurries his driver back to the temple. Team NFL and Team Control are just now arriving at the Spirit House Shoppe, and Team Control gets right to work dismantling theirs, while Amani carefully takes notes on theirs first, right next to them. Ernie blows off Cindy's concerns that maybe they should be doing the same thing and starts loading pieces into their truck. When Cindy runs back to check one out, just in case, Ernie assures her she doesn't have to, and rushes her onto the truck instead. "It doesn't say you had to reassemble it," he says, but Cindy looks very troubled on the quiet ride to the temple. Control freak, indeed. Ernie was right about one thing, though: she doesn't have to remember what it looks like.

Laurence's mood seems to have improved (or maybe he just realized he was acting like a jackhole) as Zac's songthaew pulls back into the temple grounds. "Let's see what he does, eh?" Laurence invites us pleasantly. Yeah, I'll be sitting over there, thanks. As Zac gets busy, Laurence reminds us that he can't help Zac, "but he's tenacious." And indeed, Zac finishes and they get their clue in fourth place. Off to the Phuket bus terminal. On the way, Zac tells us how frustrating it was that he wanted to take notes, "but we ended up rushing through it and lost a bit of time there." Laurence gives Zac a bit of a look without saying anything, but he's probably learned his lesson about ignoring Zac's concerns. To what will later prove to be their detriment, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Ernie and Cindy arrive at the temple and make matching "oh shit" faces as he reads from the clue that the Spirit House must be reassembled exactly how it was. Amani isn't scared of the task, with her notes and all. Ernie just assures Cindy that he thinks he remembers, but as Amani gets to work, telling us she's glad she took notes, Ernie confides to us, "I don't remember what this thing looked like at all." Snerk. Over on the sidelines, Cindy is very worried as she admits to Marcus that they rushed to take theirs apart without bothering to record anything about how it looked. Which Marcus would know if he and Amani had looked over at Team Control instead of focusing all their attention on the notes they were taking for themselves.

Liz and Marie are done shoveling elephant shit, so now they get to jump in the river with scrub brushes to wash down an elephant. Which they treat like a date with Justin Bieber. Bill & Cathi wave to them as they return, so the grandparents are finishing their elephant trek just as the twins begin theirs. As they start their ride up the river, Marie, who's wearing yellow today, says, "This is, like, the best day of my life." I can tell it's Marie by how the other one calls her Marie. I'm getting the hang of this twins thing.

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