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Liz and Marie get to the first Roadblock, and Marie wastes little time diving for the clue and finding it. Finally, the flautist can take a breath.

Bill & Cathi get to Spirit Houses of Phuket and start taking notes, so if you thought they'd repeat other teams' mistake and let the twins catch up with them that way, it's not going to happen. The twins are probably also not going to catch up with Ernie, who returns to take his notes and back on the truck to the temple in short order. "I think I got it," he tells us on the ride back. "But if I don't get it, I think Cindy's gonna kill me." Bullshit. If Cindy wanted to kill him he'd be dead already.

On their bus ride, Zac again brings up his concern that they're on a first-class bus. "We can't afford another penalty," he points out. "You may be right," Laurence says, and the next thing you know, they're trying to get the driver to stop and let them off so they can "wander back." Eventually the bus lets them off at a street corner in a semi-industrial area. "Well, we're screwed now," Laurence analyzes. "Yep," Zac agrees. But at least they're not on a first-class bus any more, so it's totally worth it, right?

Ernie returns to the temple. "I can't help you!" Cindy calls out to him as he runs past. Back to work, where Ernie tells his miniatures, "You guys were way off." Cindy just hopes he wrote it down this time. Bill & Cathi arrive at the temple in seventh place, and Cathi sits down on the steps next to Cindy while Bill gets to work and Ernie blinks sweat out of his eyes. "Tough day," Cathi says sympathetically to Cindy, who still can't believe they didn't take notes. But at least Ernie's done now, so he and Cindy are out of there in sixth. "I screwed up again," Ernie says as they ride to the bus terminal, but Cindy reassuringly pats him on the back and says it's okay. She's literally the worst control freak ever.

Laurence and Zac are jogging through town, and Laurence is panting, "the rules say you're not allowed to be on a first-class bus so we're running to the bus station to buy another ticket to go to Bangkok." I like how the camera guy made him explain that while he was trying to run. Anyone who tries to make me talk while I'm running, I'm going to throw them to whatever's chasing me.

Liz and Marie are of course the last team to reach The Spirit House Authority, and they turn out to be one of the teams who takes notes before taking it apart, which may be their best hope yet to catch up. It's going to take some doing, though, because Bill has already finished at the temple, so he and Cathi are off to the bus station in seventh place. "We wrote it down and we hit it," Bill says. At some uncertain time after their departure, Liz and Marie show up, glad they took notes. "You knew it," Marie nods at Liz, who gets to work putting it back together. From the sidelines, Marie tells us Liz took notes, "But I'm worried ,because sometimes her memory's not that good." Well, hence the notes! Shut up, Marie.

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