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So Near and Yet Safari

Caroline & Jennifer get their clue in third almost immediately thereafter. Both teams go running through a wall of trees, but Mona & Beth reach the mat first, making them team number two. They jump up and down happily, and Phil points to the approaching country singers, saying, "Another strong team coming in right now." This leg, yes. Caroline & Jennifer join them on the mat for high-fives all around, and are checked in as team number three amid cries of "Girl power!" So I guess the divisions from the U-Turn episode have been forgotten in the euphoria of not-quite-near-victory.

Chuck and Wynona spot a cutout of an ostrich and one of a hippo with a bird roosting on its head, then get to the end of the trail. Wynona quickly lays out the tiles for her first five animals, but Chuck ruins into a wrinkle :"There's no hippo tile." Instead, Chuck goes with the tile of the bird. A weathered safari guide makes a big show of examining the tiles seriously, then gives them their clue, so they're soon running for the mat and officially team number four. Chuck kisses Wynona. "Look at that," Phil says approvingly. Chuck says they're a long way from home but good to go. "Don't count us out, now." Ah, there it is: the obligatory admonition from the redneck team to not be counted out.

The fake safari is not going as well for Pam & Winnie, who have just ridden past the ostrich cutout without noticing it. And then, knowing they were supposed to find ten animals, they spot the hippo with the bird perching on its head and figure that counts as two, so they must be done. During all this, the soundtrack is all but bleating, "Uh-oh." Right here is when it first occurred to me that they might actually be in trouble.

Joey & Meghan get their Detour clue and decide on Brawn just as Max & Katie arriving right behind them and make the same choice.

Pam & Winnie get to the safari tent and lay out some tiles with a rhino and a bird at the end. Of course that's wrong on more than one count, because a) there's no ostrich in their sequence and b) a rhino is not a hippo, but all they know when the judge tells them it's wrong is that they have to go back to the beginning. And after the last ad break, that's exactly what they're doing. "Maybe we missed one, who knows?" Pam says. Uh, we do, Pam. We know.

Joey & Meghan are loading their sleigh as quickly as possible, and then discover that their donkeys aren't interested in carrots. Max & Katie, on the other hand, already have their team moving. "You guys realize this is a million fricking dollars, let's go!" Joey berates his team. "Come on, horsey!" I don't think the "horsey" understands what you're saying, Joey; maybe you should convert that dollar figure to pula. Max looks back as he's pushing his and Katie's sled and tells her that Team YouTube hasn't even moved yet. "This is how it ends," Joey shrugs. That would be about 8.2 million pula, Joey. I'm trying to help you out here.

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