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So Near and Yet Safari

Pam & Winnie are seeing their antelope/kudu again and figuring for some reason that they've got this. And at the other Detour, suddenly Joey and Meghan's team is moving, Joey jumping up and down excitedly and making the locals laugh just by being Joey. Glad it works on someone. Max & Katie see them coming, and gaining, and then passing, but then Team YouTube's trailer gets hung up in a tree but good. Pam & Winnie are back at the hippo/bird part of the fake safari, while Team YouTube somehow have their sleigh freed up and are gaining on Max & Katie again. But then Team YouTube's rig hits another tree. Fortunately this one's small enough that it just gets flattened, though it's not so fortunate for the tree. And then Max & Katie's team gets messed up. This is clearly not a mode of transport designed for the breakneck speeds these people are pushing, and by breakneck I mean trotting.

Pam & Winnie have their tiles lined up and they're sure it's right this time. While the judge is still checking, we cut back to the other two teams just arriving at the other safari tent and unlading their wood. "If Meghan and Joey beat us in this Brawn test, we should go home," Katie says. "Like, that's embarrassing." Both teams are hurling branches onto piles. But it's all moot between those two anyway, because Pam & Winnie missed the ostrich the second time around as well, and even having a bird above the rhino tile on their layout doesn't fix it. So they decide to switch tasks again. Oh, man.

Joey & Meghan are the next to finish the Detour, and they get their clue in fifth place while Max & Kate are still unloading. Team YouTube is narrowly in the lead as they run through the trees and up to the mat. "How was that for a finish?" Phil says mildly. Max & Katie come running up before Phil says anything about rankings, so you know he's going to milk it for a while. "Joey & Meghan. Max & Katie. Just not your day today, huh?" They all agree that it wasn't. Phil finally tells Team Newlywed, "Well, I'm sorry to tell you're going to have to muster some more strength because you are not the last team to arrive. Joey & Meghan, you are team number five. Max & Katie, you are team number six." None of them can believe it, and Phil tells Max & Katie, "Second leg in a row you've cut it really close. It doesn't get much closer than that."

Oh, I think it does, because Pam & Winnie still have their Detour to finish, and it's not about to be a third non-elimination in a row, now, is it? As they get their donkeys moving and unload their wood (it's not clear if it's the same sled they loaded before with the same donkeys, which at least would have saved them a few totally academic minutes), they interview in VO about how they're proud of themselves and they kicked butt. "Crying is for bitches," Pam says. They're the last to arrive, and are Philiminated. They aren't entirely surprised, but they're not crushed either. "We started off second, but this was our game-changer," Winnie says. I think she means game-ender. Over a montage of some moments from their past legs, Winnie says that they might be eliminated, "but it can't feel bad after doing this much cool stuff and going to this many cool places." Pam says they should think about all the awesome things they got to do. Doing the walk of shame from the mat, she says, "At least we got to see Africa. Pretty priceless." Oh, I think I can put a price on it: let's say about a million dollars.

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