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So Near and Yet Safari

Pam & Winnie are a little nervous about driving "deep in the middle of Botswana" with no idea where they are, until they come up on the hockey brothers' parked car outside Boro Village. Pam is way excited about the Fast Forward for about half a second before realizing that the lead team probably already did it. That leaves them with the Roadblock, whose question asks, "Who wants to go up a creek without a paddle?" Now here's Phil at the riverbank among a row of handmade boats, saying, "The mokoro is a traditional dugout canoe made from a single tree." And the racers will have to use one to transport two goats upriver to a goat pen, then go back to where they started to get their next clue. Winnie volunteers to do this one.

They go to the goat pen and she grabs a kid about the size of a medium-large dog, puts it into the canoe, and goes to get another one while Pam sits in the front of the boat holding the first one in place. So this is actually more of a team Roadblock than what we usually see. Now that the goats are onto Winnie, her second one ends up being not so much the smallest one as the slowest. But soon she's in the back of the canoe, standing with her feet far apart for balance per Pam's suggestion and propelling them out into the stream by pushing against the river bottom with a long pole. Winnie says it's really hard, but Pam gives her encouragement, even as a goat pees on her leg. So yeah, not a Roadblock one can do one one's own. You need a racer to pilot the boat and another racer to get peed on.

Bates & Anthony get the "Task Complete" graphic and let go of their tow ropes, which of course is when the boat crew spots a crocodile over on the bank. They quickly come about to retrieve the brothers and their skis, and Bates is jubilant at their success. They're handed a clue informing them that the boat will take them to a "safari taxi" that will take them to the next Pit Stop, Royal Tree Lodge, so they're strictly passengers from here on out. Motoring back, their crew points out the crocodile, and Bates says that only on The Amazing Race can people say they got to swim with crocodiles. I'll just take his word for it that that never happens on The Good Wife. "Plus I got to take my shirt off," he grins, holding his life vest open for our enjoyment.

Jennifer drives Caroline into the Maun Police District Headquarters. They go in and try to pay in dollars, but it turns out they only take pula there. And, you know, it's not like they have to go out of their way to keep their customers happy.

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