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So Near and Yet Safari

Out on the very same stretch of road where the country singers got pulled over, Katie spots the speed limit 60 sign and tells Max to slow down. Oops, too late. "African speed trap," Max groans as a familiar police officer waves them down. While Max is out of the car getting the ticket (he was going 76, a lot slower than the country singers, but then he's a lot less blonde), Katie bitches to the camera, "He's supposed to be the man. He can't find the parked car, now he gets the speeding ticket. Like, really? He's just digging himself his own grave." I agree that Max isn't exactly covering himself with glory this leg, but what's this "supposed to be the man" shit? Back in the car, Max says that at least they have enough pula to pay, unlike a certain other team, but he wonders, "Can we just call this our Speed Bump and be done with it?" Well, maybe if Caroline and Jennifer hadn't gotten it too.

Jennifer is still waiting outside the police station when her new friend drives up with the pula they need to pay their ticket. Which they do, and go rushing out, but not without giving him a hug first. I suspect that's the reason he came back.

Bates & Anthony are having a much better time, riding in the boat down the river. Bates says this is the first time in the race they've been stress-free. "I'm sitting in my underwear. It's an awesome day, the weather's amazing, can't get better scenery than this. And Africa looks pretty good too!" Waka waka waka. They get dressed and dropped off on the bank, where a truck is waiting to take them to the Pit Stop.

Winnie manages to get their boat beached at the delivery spot maybe two hundred yards upriver, near more crocodile warning signs. "Who wants goats?" she asks. Someone points them to a makeshift pen composed mainly of bushes and a gate, and she carries one over under each arm to it, responding to their loud complaints with, "I know, it sucks." The friends get back in their boat, expecting it to be easier to go back downstream. Plus it's less likely that either of them will get peed on. Meanwhile, Wynona has her and Chuck's boat spinning helplessly in the current, and they're getting pretty impatient with each other. There's a similar situation with Beth and Mona behind them, as Mona does a lot of tense front-seat driving. Beth snaps at Mona to let her figure it out, then apologizes into the awkward silence. Actually, Mona seems less bothered by Beth's yelling than her sucking.

Joey & Meghan are still lost somewhere in Maun, and asking for directions. "Let's just hope other teams are having just as hard of a trouble," Joey says, not knowing the half of it.

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