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So Near and Yet Safari

And yet Caroline & Jennifer are the next team to make it to the riverbank, now in fifth place. Maun must not have been as out of the way as I assumed. Caroline agrees to do it, and experiences her own personal cute-overload in the goat pen until she finds out how hard it is to actually catch one of them. "I know you don't want to play with me. I get it. I wouldn't want to play with me either," she tells them. Oddly, they seem unconvinced by her attempt at empathy.

Wynona manages to get their boat landed after a minor collision with one of the local boatmen, who after all are probably still trying to do their own jobs today. She delivers the goats and heads back, getting annoyed with Chuck even as he's telling her that she's doing it correctly now. I'm starting to understand why he didn't insist on her doing more Roadblocks earlier on.

Meanwhile, Caroline is trying to assure the screaming goats she's captured that she won't hurt them, but they remain unconvinced. She and Jennifer get them into their boat, where they encounter Pam & Winnie just returning. Winnie is threatening to move to Venice and become a gondolier, and the two teams bond across the water over the cuteness of the goats. Meanwhile, Mona is getting increasingly irritated with Beth's ineptitude at poling, and tells her to stand up like the locals are doing. Beth raises herself to her feet, barely keeping her balance in the process. Odd for a derby girl. Remember to fall small!

Pam & Winnie wade ashore and get their next clue, which is a Route Info. They'll take a water taxi downriver to a safari taxi that will take them to the Royal Tree Lodge Game Preserve. Yes, that sounds a lot like what Bates & Anthony are doing, but for now the other teams are only going to their next clue rather than the Pit Stop. Pam & Winnie are soon enjoying their motorboat ride, Winnie saying she feels like she's in an action movie. "Crocodile Dundee, African Edition," Pam says. James Bond must appreciate not always having to be the default comparison when these two are around.

Back on the river, Wynona is about to collide with Mona & Beth's boat. Beth drops back into a crouch as both boats attempt to not tip over. Chuck & Wynona have the nerve to complain in an interview about the derby moms pushing their boat away, like, you came into their space, guys. The immediate crisis over, Mona can now go back to being annoyed with Beth's inability to get them back on what was sort of passing for course.

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