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So Near and Yet Safari

Caroline is poling the country singers' boat from the front while Jennifer sits in back with the goats, and she interviews how she grew up catching food and practicing jumping off the roof in the event of a fire, so she's loving reliving her childhood on the race. Jennifer admits that she couldn't do it. She probably also couldn't store a flying squirrel in her bra, though.

Max & Katie get to the police station, and now that it's later in the day, there's a line they're going to have to wait in. Just what they needed. Fortunately for them, Joey & Meghan are still lost, getting more directions from more locals and presumably developing a mental collage of Botswana that looks like Apple's Maps upgrade. "I hate driving to places!" Meghan whines. She should have raced last season, then.

Wynona, her shirt soaked with sweat, finally gets herself and Chuck back on the shore and they get their clue, currently in third place. Beth drops off he derby moms' goats and they tensely negotiate getting back into the boat while Caroline carries her goats into the pen, apologizing to them the whole time. She's also better than Beth is at getting back underway, and soon the derby moms are watching them sail down the river while Mona gives Beth some increasingly unfriendly advice, finally declaring, "I'm gonna lose my mind." So we all agree that Mona's a control freak, then?

In less stressful news, Bates & Anthony are looking at the bonobos, ostriches, and gazelles from the back of their open-air safari taxi, reverently whispering, "Africaaah!" Soon they're running across a field to the mat, where a female greeter welcomes them to Maun, Botswana. Phil tells them they're team number one again, and they've won $7,500 each. I bet the racers love the weeks when the producers don't have time to shop. Phil remarks that this makes three first-place finishes for them in seven legs, but Bates says, "There's some strong teams out there, and they're coming for us, I know." Well, at least one of them won't be, after today.

In second place, Pam & Winnie are still enjoying their boat ride, waving at birds and fishermen. So are Chuck & Wynona behind them. Soon Pam & Winnie are back on dry land, though it's no less treacherous: "Poo everywhere!" Winnie says, picking her way to one of the group of waiting safari taxis. They're soon on their way to the Royal Tree Game Preserve, as are Chuck & Wynona. Caroline & Jennifer help each other out of their canoe and get their clue while Mona & Beth are coming in behind them, rather less smoothly. I'm glad to see Mona hasn't killed Beth yet, though that might only be because Beth is the one holding the big pole.

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