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Max & Katie are just leaving the police station, Katie saying they have a lot of time to make up. Backing out, Max says, "That was like mayhem in there. It was not a good place to be at all." And he promptly backs their borrowed SUV into a pole. Katie tells him to calm down. "Oh, my God, this is horrible," Max says as the camera zooms in on a collapsed fender. I don't know, it looks totally drivable to me.

Post-commercials, they just keep going, Katie saying that maybe she should drive. Max tells her she's more than welcome to. He interviews afterwards that he wasn't about to get out to look at the damage, because then he'd start sweating and panicking, and we know from last week with the Bushmen how Katie feels about people smelling less-than-fresh when she's in a car with them. As they're getting back on the road, Katie says, "Hopefully people get lost."

Right on cue, we join Joey & Meghan begging Jesus to help them win. Jesus is like, "I don't know what you people want from Me." Lucky for them, they spot Max & Katie's car in front of them and follow them the rest of the way to Boro Village. "Well, we're not last," Katie says, spotting Team YouTube behind them. "If I get beat by them then I should be headed home anyway," Max says, although it's not like it would be the first time. They get to the starting point of the Roadblock, which is when we first see that there's also a giant Speed Bump sign with Max & Katie's picture on it. Phil narrates that for the extra task that serves as their penalty for coming in last in the previous leg, Max & Katie will have to complete a pair of beaded skirts like the ones being worn by the local dancers, and then put them on and dance like said dancers before they can rejoin the race. They get to it, suddenly enjoying themselves, while Joey is taking the Roadblock on the logic that it's probably a physical one. He's the muscle for this team, after all, which is tragic. Soon he's in the front of a canoe poling Meghan and a pair of goats out past a crocodile-warning sign.

Pam & Winnie are dropped off near a tree adorned with a hanging basket with clues inside. Finally we're at the Detour, which Phil says "requires teams to work with two of Botswana's favorite domestic animals: a horse or a donkey." And thus the highly specific names for the Detour choices, "Brains" and "Brawn." For the former, they'll go on a horseback safari to find cutouts of ten different animals positioned along the trail. Then at the end of the ride, they'll have to arrange a bunch of tiles with the same symbols in the same order to get their next clue. For "Brawn," they'll need to load a trailer with firewood and coax a team of donkeys to haul it half a mile by dangling a carrot on a stick on front of them like this is a freaking Looney Tunes cartoon. Pam & Winnie figure that option might be quicker, so that's what they're going with. They start hauling the wood, which proves to be rather heavy. The donkeys aren't going to like that much.

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