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When Bates returns to the top of the stairs, he's not exactly sympathetic to Anthony's confusion regarding the meaning of chartreuse. "He'd be off the team in hockey right now," he says as Anthony scampers back to the kitchen. Beth, waiting for Mona's next wrong tray, appears to be trying to make herself invisible in the background, and is actually not doing too badly. Max & Katie go running off with empty trays, Katie telling him that Mona & Beth have still not started the oysters, and Max declares that this is going to take everyone so much longer, "Because we're brilliant!" He hops over a stanchion as he says this, and the irony gods are clearly asleep at the switch because the word "brilliant!" is not punctuated by a bad landing that turns his ankle into a telephone cord. They get back to the kitchen tent to open their clue, which is sending them to the Pit Stop. Phil says this is "Belfast's most illustrious hall: the Ulster." Over shots of the super-fancy interior of Ulster Hall, Phil narrates that the place is famous for hosting Charles Dickens, Led Zeppelin, "and even the Dalai Lama." Man, can you imagine what a crazy night that must have been? "This impressive venue will now serve as the Pit Stop for this leg of the race," Phil says, suddenly standing on the hall's bare main floor with a group of young Riverdancers as he says, "The first three teams to arrive here will race for the one million dollars in the final leg." Hey, way to keep it positive, there, Phil! "And the last team to check in here will be eliminated." Okay, disregard my last.

In the tent, Mona is explaining to us exactly why she thinks they're not doing the soup right (which we already know; it's because you're not supposed to bringing soup yet at all! Damn, woman!) while that chef from before looks so much like he wants to straighten her out that I can only assume the producers have taken his family hostage.

In search of directions to Ulster Hall, Max & Katie find their way to some kind of cafeteria, where a local pulls up a map on her smartphone. In other navigational news, Jennifer has found the T13 Skate Park on her map. Which would be more helpful if there were any street signs that they could see from inside their car.

Anthony brings an increasingly impatient Bates a fresh tray with actual chartreuse jelly on it, and even though Bates doesn't think chartreuse is green either, he carries it down while issuing dire threats. That leaves Beth and Anthony waiting for their partners at the top of the stairs, and Beth asks how they've been doing it. "Just went down the list of the courses," Anthony shrugs. Beth thinks he means the seating chart, but he's referring to the main menu board. "I gotta talk to Mona and make sure she's looking at the right thing," Beth says, which of course Mona isn't. But when Mona returns, she insists to Beth that she's sure the soups are all in the right order. Anthony doesn't exactly fall all over himself straightening them out, but he's already done plenty if you ask me. And probably if you ask the country singers, after they see this episode.

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