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Caroline and Jennifer call the artist over to check their work, which he does by closing the open door of the cabinet so they can compare the half they did with what was already there. It's not exactly seamless, but Caroline and Jennifer give it a pretty good sales job. He asks them to sharpen up some of the edges and they should be good.

Beth has slowed to a walk as she brings in what she hopes is the last tray, the one carrying the desserts. "My kids are getting mac & cheese for the rest of their life," she tells the diners. Especially if she doesn't win the race. The headwaiter gives a final "Bon appetite," and the whole tent gives Beth a big hand. Those poor people, you know? I hope they at least got something to eat other than five increasingly stale courses of food that must be frigid after sitting outside in a Belfast winter and being rushed back and forth long distances. Never mind the fact that the menu board says this was the dinner for April 14, 1912, which means most of them will be at the bottom of the Atlantic in a matter of hours. Kind of a sucky last meal, if you ask me. Accepting her clue, Beth says to the fake Captain Smith, "I bet you think I'm such an idiot!" Someone on her team is. They both look exhausted as they open their clue sending them to the Pit Stop, now in third place.

The country singers call the artist/judge over to check their work again, and he declares it "okay." Which is good enough to get their clue, although the subtitles remind us that they are "currently in last place." Jennifer still thinks they can catch up.

The sun is sinking low over the dry dock as Beth & Mona start canvassing the locals for directions to Ulster Hall. Caroline & Jennifer are already in their car, and Jennifer's found it on the map. We'll see if that actually helps them in the real world. Beth is now driving, saying that they don't know what happened with the country singers. Jennifer says they're almost there, but Beth spots the sign from behind the wheel. Caroline thinks they're practically on top of it, but when the third team comes running in and onto the mat to face the Riverdancers, it's Mona & Beth. Honestly, depending on the editing, the country singers actually could be anywhere in Northern Ireland at this point. Phil gravely says the derby moms' names as though he's got bad news for them, but quickly takes pity on them and says, "Congratulations, you are the third team to arrive. You are racing to the finish line for one million dollars." The derby moms can't believe it, and have such an emotional reaction that even the Riverdancers can't help smiling at them. And I'm not sure those things are even human.

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