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The celebratory soundtrack rapidly becomes a dirge as Caroline and Jennifer finally come straggling in. As far as we can tell, getting themselves here from the Detour is the only thing they've done right the first time since landing in Belfast, and we don't even have enough information to confirm that much. Basically, they needed to be a whole lot Belfaster. They receive their welcome, and Phil wastes little time Philiminating them. "We've enjoyed every bit of this experience," Caroline lies. I don't know why everyone insists on saying that after we've seen them spending a lot of time on national television being miserable. "We made it to the eleventh leg, and we saw so much of the world." Jennifer agrees that people are good all around the world, as we get flashbacks of the guy in Maun who didn't steal their money, and the dude in Edinburgh who got Caroline through the bagpipe task and the bushmen leading them across the Kalahari Desert. Caroline says they didn't know the two of them could get closer, and Jennifer says their friendship is stronger than ever. Over more flashbacks of their race, she promises that they'll go home and write a lot of songs about their experiences. I feel bad for them getting Philiminated and all, but you know who I feel worse for right now? Their third bandmate.

Cue the traditional montage of big talk at the end of the penultimate leg. Max repeats that they've won three legs in a row and they're going to win the race. Bates says he played in the Stanley Cup finals, and losing that was a heartbreaker. "I don't want to feel that feeling again." At least he still has all his teeth. Mona insists that she and Beth are strong. "Not winning is not an option," Bates says. "We are going to win the Amazing Race." Katie says. Mona says, "It's right there, it's within our grasp and we are gonna take it." Not without longer arms, you aren't.

After an extra-long ad break (complete with extra-long ads!) we're back with the second episode of the night. I know it's theoretically one two-hour show, but the only thing missing is previouslies and credits -- which I skip anyway -- as Phil informs the goldfish-memoried members of the viewing audience, "This is Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland." Yes, the scenery does seem to ring a bell. "Established in the seventeenth century, its impressive architecture includes Ulster Hall." That's where Phil is coming from, further describing it as "this city's top performance venue, which is now the start of the final leg in a race around the world." For the third time in a row, Max & Katie are kicking off the leg, this time at 5:04 AM. They get to open their clue inside the hall and Max reads, "Make your way to the final destination. To find out where it is, travel by ferry across the Irish Sea --"

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