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Max & Katie's driver points out the Lincoln Memorial from the far end of the Mall, with tourists hanging out on the steps. It's a pretty cold day, so the crowds aren't too bad. I see a flag at half-staff, which tragically doesn't do much in the way of pinpointing the actual date these days, but I'm tentatively putting the time as somewhere between Sandy Hook and Christmas and before the kids are out of school for the holidays. Max asks their driver if it's faster to run, but of course it doesn't matter because it's not like he can drive them up onto the Mall anyway. They hop out and hoof it. Bates & Anthony are coming around the south side of the Memorial and they tell their driver to drop them off and meet them back at the far side. Mona & Beth get dropped off as well. It's a frantic footrace to the steps, but Max & Katie maintain their lead all the way there. And everything abruptly goes all solemn as Katie spots the engraving on the steps marking the spot where Dr. King gave his speech. They look briefly out over the Mall, and suddenly an African-American man walks up to them out of nowhere and informs them, "This is the spot where Martin Luther King Jr, gave his famous speech, 'I Have a Dream.'" Team Newlywed takes it in, gazing the length of the Mall all the way to the Washington Monument, and Max calls it "definitely an emotional and humbling moment." Their new friend looks with them for a moment, then reaches into his overcoat and hands them a clue.

They step to one side to read it so Mona & Beth can take their place and meet this gentlemen for themselves. Max & Katie's clue is telling them to go to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. "Once there, a Secret Service agent will escort you to have your picture taken with the President of the United States, Barack Obama." First of all, wow. Second of all, like hell he will. But as they run back down the Mall, Max seems amazed that they're going to meet the president. The derby moms get their clue, and Bates & Anthony take their place. And it's so cute how Beth & Mona are in the middle of reading their clue and suddenly stop, speechless with excitement. Cute, and also kind of sad, considering what happens. All three teams go back to the street to get new cabs, except for Bates & Anthony, who meet up with their same guy and tell him they're in last place and thus in a hurry. Which they won't be for long, given that Beth asked their driver to take them to "1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House." The White House is of course at 1600 Pennsylvania, but that's an easy mistake to make when you're completely star-struck. Easy... and costly.

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