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Mona & Beth show up as the hockey brothers are leaving, which Beth laughs in an interview is a pretty familiar sight by this point in the race. They get their briefcase from the guy in the limo and Beth takes it, since Mona did the last two. Her password is "The cherry blossoms are beautiful here in April," which Mona says they were just talking about. Max is close to running a full circuit of the Tidal Basin, which he estimates at three or four miles (it's 1.9. Thanks, Google). Beth approaches some agents with her password, but much more aggressively than the other two, standing directly in the agents' path and hopping up and down in front of them like a Chihuahua that's very excited about cherry blossoms.

Katie says Max has better be running his butt off. "If he hasn't found it by now, then he has no idea what he's doing." Max is not seeing any more agents on this side of the Tidal Basin, so he starts running back. Good luck with that.

Max's search continues after the ads, as Katie recaps that they got here first, then Bates showed up and got it and, "We're still here." Beth is still doing her thing with the cherry blossom code phrase. "None of them agree with me! You guys are brutal."

On the other side, Max has come to the end of the agents again and has to go back. He interviews ruefully that if you passed him, you passed him. But how could that happen? And if it did, I'm not sure I blame Katie any more.

Bates & Anthony arrive at the clue box outside Nationals Park, the local Major League Baseball stadium, still in first place. Now I'm confused, because how did a major sports stadium get built in the last two decades without the name of a corporation on it? Bates reads from the clue, "Play ball in a high-flying game of catch." Cut to Phil on the diamond during a practice, saying Nationals Park is home to Washington's Major League Baseball team. "While one team member is suspended high above the stadium, the other will be dressed as a giant baseball," Phil says, as though this is the most normal thing in the world. We see a PA in a chicken costume being swung fifty or so feet over the field in a sling hung from a zip-line, dropping a ball to another PA dressed as a baseball wearing a giant mesh cap, who tries to catch it in a glove. Phil says they'll have to keep trying until the racer on the ground catches the ball, which will have their next clue written on it. Of course the person throwing the ball will be able to read it before letting go of it, but if he or she tries to abandon the task early, then he or she will not only get a penalty at the mat but likely die in the fall. We also get an early peek at one of the baseballs, which appears to have been autographed by well-known baseball great, Hains Point.

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