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Bates & Anthony hurry inside the stadium and Anthony takes the high ground. Inside, the seats are empty and there's no one on the field except a few uniformed players (or equipment managers, for all I know) and some mascots with giant Mount-Rushmore-president heads. While getting strapped into the body-sling, Anthony says they should do pretty well on this as an all-guy team, as though that has anything to do with it. Bates agrees in an interview that yes, they did play baseball growing up, but not usually while dressed as mascots. Bates's costume appears to include not only a catcher's mask under the giant red mesh ball-cap, but a camera crammed right up against his face in there like he's Iron Man. Good luck catching that way. He's uncomfortable, and can't see, and is hot and is fogging up the camera with his breath. But he gamely heads out to the field to position himself under the zip line and wait for Anthony to sail by overhead. Anthony interviews that he was more focused on making a good throw than, you know, falling and dying. It is a pretty decent toss, but it bounces off the giant hat bill of Bates's costume and hits the ground. Teddy Roosevelt shakes his giant head sadly, like that was the least bully thing he's ever seen. Bates makes some excuses about how it's not as easy as it looks, which seem pretty unnecessary to me because I don't think it looks easy at all.

Beth and Max are still at the Tidal Basin, and Beth is the next to meet her contact, who responds to her code phrase about the cherry blossoms with, "I'll have to bring my mother next spring." He swaps briefcases with her and Beth says, "I could kiss you on the lips right now." He gives her the same instructions for opening it that Bates got. Soon after, Max finally gets the answer he wants to his question about the half-smoke with chili: "I hear there's a great place on U Street." He also gets a new briefcase and his instructions for opening it. Both of them come running back to the partners, go to park benches with their partners, check their notes, open their cases and get the clue sending them to the home of the Nats, with Beth just ahead of Max at each stage. Team Newlywed runs to the side of the road, where the derby moms are trying to hail a cab. But Max runs upstream of them and gets a taxi before they do, and ride off while the moms are still running down the street yelling, "Taxi!" Wow, cold. Katie says they'll just have to be perfect from here on out, as the derby moms finally manage to secure a cab now that they're the only ones here trying to do so.

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