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At the ballpark, Katie drops another ball to Max, which he misses. "Oh my God, you suck at baseball," she calls down helpfully. That's more in character. He starts to feel the pressure when he sees Mona & Beth arriving on the field, but one more try seems to do it. He goes running off the field, Meanwhile, Anthony can't find a single one of the balls he's looking for. In short, people are struggling with balls all over the place.

Anthony's search continues after the last ad break of the season, and as he interviews about having patience, he finally comes across a ball with a big red circle around a tiny green dot in the Pacific. He and Bates figure that's Tahiti, so Bates runs it over to their semicircular hut to reflect their first leg in Bora Bora. "We've been sitting on planes looking at the maps in the back of the magazines," Anthony interviews by way of explaining how they're able to do this at all. As of now, they seem to be making progress and Bates adds Vietnam to their little display. Presumably the show's apology for that will be forthcoming at a later date.

In second place, Max meets up with Katie to read the clue on their baseball. "Hains... Point," Max says as though translating hieroglyphics. Meanwhile, Mona's up in the sling and Beth is ensconced in her yellow-hatted baseball costume, from the depths of which she excitedly says, "This is so cool, I'm on Nationals field! In the most ridiculous outfit on the planet!" I'll get back to her on that in a couple of months when I'm at Comic-Con. "How does my butt look in this baseball?" she asks the giant heads of Lincoln and Washington. They wisely say nothing. They're politicians, after all. Mona comes swinging out over the field, counts down from three and drops the ball on the giant hat brim of Beth's costume, which it bounces off of. "Use both hands!" Mona hollers down. To a giant baseball.

Anthony has found a globe with New Zealand circled, bringing their total to five. Then Botswana. Mona's second toss bounces on the ground nowhere near Beth, as does her fourth. She's getting colder, in fact. No luck with the seventh or tenth attempt either. "Let's focus, okay?" Mona calls from overhead. The giant baseball snarks, "Oh, thank you for those helpful words of encouragement. I haven't been focused until now." I kind of wish I had the time to go back through the season to figure out exactly when Beth decided she was Over Mona. She interviews how absurd it was, plus the mascots kept gathering around her and pattering her sympathetically "on the ball." Which is isn't helpful for dispelling certain roller girl stereotypes. "Wow, this is romantic," she tells them at the time.

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