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Anthony is now doing a targeted search for a ball that has Indonesia marked, and Bates is watching the road to see if other teams are approaching. Max & Katie are being driven past the Tidal Basin again on their way to Hains Point, trying to remain optimistic and hoping that Bates & Anthony are in over their heads somehow. Bates spots a possible Indonesia globe up against the bottom of one of the ball pit's Plexiglas walls, and directs Anthony to it so we get the weird visual of Bates talking to Anthony's disembodied head through the side of the tank, nearly at ground level and surrounded by balls. But Indonesia's not marked on that one, so the search continues.

At Nationals Park, Mona and Beth are on their 17th attempt when Beth finally catches it. I wonder where they found the focus>

Max & Katie are still in the cab and Katie says, "There's still probably a lot of race to go and anything could happen." There's one task and ten minutes left, Katie, so be realistic. At least Anthony is still trying to extract an Indonesia globe. "Bali gave us trouble when we were there, so I'm not surprised it's giving us trouble now," Bates says while waiting. Anthony throws a final ball out past Bates and climbs the ladder out of there. Bates is less sure than Anthony, but when he places it on the last stand, and the big plastic globe opens up to reveal their last clue. "Nice job, Antone," Bates says before reading, "This is it, the Finish Line. Make your way to the home of the first president." What, no "Go go go"? That's my favorite part! Phil narrates that this is "George Washington's Mount Vernon," which sounds like a total piece of branding, "home of the first president of the United States." And in a new bit, we cut to Phil on the giant Finish Line mat on the yard in front of George Washington's old house, the approach to which is flanked by the eight previously eliminated teams as usual, but this time he tells us, "Over the past 25 days, these eight teams were eliminated, and now the final three are racing to the Finish Line. In the end, only one will win the one million dollars and the Amazing Race." Yes, Phil, we know that. The brothers run back to their cab, Bates saying, "Let's get there frickin' now."

They're gone by the time Max & Katie arrive and tell their cab driver to wait. Max is tapped to enter the ball pit, into which he disappears entirely, not being as tall as Anthony. Nor as cool, which goes without saying, even though I totally just said it.

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