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Bates & Anthony's driver is taking them out of town, which is making them rather nervous about whether they're going to the right place. After all, the clue only said to go to the home of the first president. "The rest of my hair may fall out," Bates frets. "It may turn gray within the next five minutes."

The derby moms make it to the ball pit, and Katie offers to switch with Max. "I've got good energy," he declines. Mona jumps into the pit and finds it tough to move, as Max tosses out a ball with Switzerland marked. So Team Newlywed is on the board.

In their cab to Mount Vernon, Anthony is talking about how much they've enjoyed the race, even if they don't win. Especially with Bates. "I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else," he says, which is one of those things that racers say so often that when someone doesn't, it kind of stands out. And in those cases, it's generally not a surprise.

"We're in a ball pit, this is what it comes down to," Katie says. Yes, Katie, I actually agree with you that that this is a pretty silly final challenge. Max tosses a ball to her to check out. "That's South America, we didn't go there," she obviouslies, tossing it back. Yeah, missed a continent there. She offers to switch again and this time he accepts. She vanishes into the balls and says faux-cheerfully, "This is a frigging nightmare." In a post-leg interview, Max says he doesn't know why he started this, knowing Katie would be better at this part. Taller, too. Mona & Beth have also switched jobs, but Katie is soon climbing out with the last ball she and Max need. They put in place, the plastic globe opens, and we get an actual look at the final clue: "This is it! The Finish Line! Make your way to the home of the first President! Go! Go! Go!" Ah, there it is. Max & Katie run back to their cab and go go go. Mona figures it's time to switch back so she can hunt for Switzerland and New Zealand. And then she does an awesome belly-flop into the ball pit that both looks awesome from overhead and tells us that they know they've already lost and are cool with it.

Bates & Anthony's cab brings them to Mount Vernon, which they're still not totally convinced is the right place. It's now a museum, of course. They run up to the gate, Anthony shouldering his pack and Bates carrying his nothing, and a woman in historical costume at the outdoor entrance gate bids them, "Welcome to Mount Vernon." They're all "which way?" and she's all "that way," and then we're at the Finish Line, with the cheering and clapping losers happily watching the hockey brothers' final approach. They run up onto the mat and stand there with Phil for a minute before Anthony finally says, "Give it to me!" Phil does: "Bates & Anthony, five continents, ten countries miles, more than thirty thousand miles. I am pleased to tell you that you have won the one million dollars and you are the official winners of the Amazing Race!" Anthony drops his pack and tackle-hugs Bates as Phil congratulates them and everyone claps some more. Phil says, "You made it all the way around the world with your false teeth. They didn't fall into your mouth, you didn't choke!" Anthony says he can buy some new ones, and gets a big laugh. I'm sure this particular location has heard plenty of false teeth jokes in the last couple of centuries. Bates says he can't remember the last time he felt like this; "It hasn't come from hockey in a long time." Aw. Phil asks them about having done it together and Bates mentions their earlier talk about not wanting to do it with anyone else, and how they probably wouldn't have done as well. Which is probably true. As the other teams bring it in to congratulate them like they normally wait to do until all three teams arrive, Bates interviews that "it's not so much the destination, it's the journey," and that their travels and experiences were priceless. So who are they giving the money to?

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