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After everyone's back in position, Max & Katie run up to the giant mat to join Phil and Bates & Anthony. Phil tells them they should be proud of themselves, and congratulates them on being team number two, which is a lot better than I thought they'd do earlier in this season. Phil also points out that even though they didn't win the million, they did complete all twelve legs. "We're still married," Katie adds, like that's a good thing. Phil asks if they're closer, and Katie says they made it through the worst. "We had a brand-new, fresh relationship, and this has definitely thrown us right into the fire," Max says. Well, we're all glad you two had such a lovely time.

Finally, Beth & Mona make it in. It's clearly getting later in the day, as the long-absent sun seems to be shining horizontally on everyone. Phil tells the derby moms that they're officially team number three, which they're happy to take. It's certainly better than they did most legs. Phil says they should be proud, and asks them what their kids are going to say. "That their moms are bad-asses, I hope." Beth says. She hopes her kids swear? Mona talks about all the wonderful people they met on the race and around the world, and Beth adds that they both had kids really young and put their lives "on pause for a little while," but that the race was life-changing. "We wouldn't trade this experience for a million dollars," Mona agrees. Well, I don't think anyone will offer.

So everyone gathers together for hugs and greetings. Dave & Connor are there along with everyone else, though Dave is still rocking crutches and an immobilizing boot from the injury he sustained at the end of the second leg. He says that while their resulting exit from the race was disappointing, it was a great experience. Now how about a medical update? "My Achilles tendon was gone. Fortunately we were able to make it home, had surgery and had stiches out the day before yesterday." He's still got the boot for another month and crutches for another week, but he'll be in rehab soon. Connor says it's bittersweet to come back, saying it's nice to see the other teams, but it's hard to see what could have been. Probably not this, no matter what. Still, he's happy for Bates & Anthony. The reunion continues as the evening gets darker, and Caroline tells us how happy they are that Bates & Anthony won. Jennifer says they'll be friends for life, which means someone clearly just asked them if they're going to date. But no, the hockey brothers are consigned to the friend zone, even after becoming demi-millionaires? Wow, that's harsh, especially considering how expensive it is to record a demo. Caroline talks about the other friends they've made, both here and all over the world. And then the final moment of the season is blocked a little differently from before; instead of everyone posing on the mat together, the ten losing teams stand in a semicircle that Bates & Antony have to run into the middle of and stand there while fireworks go off over the Potomac River. And the screen goes black except for the final words, "In memory of David G. Gibbs," who was apparently a pilot who used to work on the show. They kept him busy, I bet. Too bad his life wasn't commemorated with a more exciting finish.

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