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Bates and Anthony are back on the road, en route to Belfast to seek the Thing with the Ring. "Definitely going to need some local expertise on that one," Bates says.

Jennifer disappears into the mud pit, gets helped out by the pole-wielding Caroline and commences the bog-swim. Caroline tells us that of the two of them, she's the much better swimmer, and she wishes she were doing this instead. Too bad she drafted Jennifer for it at the clue box, then. Meanwhile, Max and Katie (now dressed again) are running by in the background. At the far end of the lane, Jennifer mistakenly climbs the bridge and jumps off the other side, into what turns out to be much thicker mud. Swimming in that is not only off-course, it's a nonstarter; in fact, she can barely climb out to get back onto the bridge. Caroline is getting more and more stressed out watching her, as the clock ticks toward three minutes. She cheers her on until the clock hits four minutes while Jenifer is still slowly wallowing her way back, at which point she says, rather coldly, "Jen, you might as well stop exerting yourself, you're already over four minutes." With mud around her mouth that makes her look like she's in a chocolate-eating contest, Jennifer weepily says she doesn't think she can do it again, but Caroline isn't about to let her quit. While they're heading back to the tent so Jennifer can warm up, the Bog Snorkeling Official flags them down to explain to Jennifer that she wasted time climbing over that bridge when she didn't have to, which is unusually helpful for a task judge on this show. Jennifer continues whining that she can't do it again, but Caroline is not even trying to hear that.

In the Peatlands Park parking lot, Max & Katie have asked a local for directions to the Thing with the Ring. As Beth & Mona run by on their way back to their car, the woman loudly blares that "IT'S ON THE ALBERT BRIDGE," both causing Max to try to shush her and causing Mona to veer around to listen in. Cut to both Team Newlywed and the derby moms back on the motorway, one behind the other, as Max complains about how much he hates being followed. That's just the cost of being as awesome as you are, Max.

Back at the bog, Caroline is guiding Jennifer back to the ditch, advising her to focus on the positive. Jennifer complains about how claustrophobic it is so Caroline offers to loosen her mask for her. Yes, letting bog water in should help. Jennifer bucks up and takes another run at it, vanishing entirely into the mud pit before running over and jumping back into the ditch. This time Caroline walks along the side of the ditch keeping pace with her, giving encouragement as she goes. Well, given the speed Jennifer's going, it's not so much "walking" as "browsing." But it doesn't work; halfway to the turnaround point, Jennifer not only stops swimming, she starts climbing out of the ditch, saying she can't do it. Caroline looks like it's taking everything she has not to wind up her foot and kick her back in. She ends up walking back to the tent with her again, but Caroline remains quite clear that Jennifer is not quitting. I'm not sure what's so scary about that bog, because right now Caroline is much scarier.

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