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Bates and Anthony are discovering that "Trying to get somewhere in Belfast is not easy," as they're stuck in traffic. Basically it looks like an Asian traffic jam but with wider lanes and nicer cars. Thus Katie spots the sculpture first and points it out to Max. Beth and Mona can't help noticing it as well, being in the car right behind them and all. Team Newlywed parks and runs across the busy street to the clue box at the foot of the sculpture and rips open a clue for a Detour: "Tray It or Spray It." Now here's Phil, strolling along the bottom of a vast rectangular pit as he announces, "'Tray It' requires team to descend into the dry dock where one of the most famous ocean liners in history was built: the RMS Titanic." Never heard of it. This actually turns out to be a food-serving challenge. There's a kitchen tent set up at ground level next to the dry dock, with a menu board listing the courses for a meal. Each team will also take a seating chart for one table, showing the names of six diners and their choice of the courses for which a choice was available. Using this information, they'll have "serve five courses of actual dishes served on the Titanic."

But to whom? Well, to the formally dressed diners who are all set up in a big party tent in the bottom of the dry dock, as though they showed up for a formal dinner on the ship a hundred years too late, but were determined to go through with it anyway. Each table of six is overseen by a tuxedoed headwaiter whose job it will be to act as each team's task judge. One racer will have to load the serving trays in the kitchen tent, while the other will have to carry them down six flights of steps at the end of the dry dock and about a hundred yards to middle of the hole to deliver them to the first class passengers. And of course it all needs to be the correct stuff in the correct order, to the correct diners. Once they've accomplished that, a greybeard dressed as Captain Smith will hand them their next clue. And then, presumably, the doors to the harbor will open, the dry dock will flood with seawater, and two-thirds of the dinner guests will die. Sorry, was that too soon?

Phil doesn't even bother trying to draw a connection between that and "Spray It," which appears to be set at a converted warehouse filled of ramps, trick cyclists and skateboarders. Phil's narration calls it "this popular urban sports and art center," which I'm pretty sure just leached all the cool out of it. The teams who choose this option will have to finish a graffiti project on one door of a large steel utility cabinet, using a 3x5 photo as their only guide. The "crew" will give them their next clue once they're satisfied. Hmm, tricky and subjective, but much easier to describe.

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