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So Max & Katie decide to go with "Tray It." They ask the first passerby where the Titanic was built, and he simply points out toward the waterfront. It's not like something that big is going to be easy to miss. Mona and Beth are choosing the same option. Both teams are gone by the time Bates & Anthony show up to open the clue and decide on "Tray It," mainly on the basis of their current proximity to the dry dock. They're soon back in their car, looking for Queen's Road, while Beth & Mona are still trying to figure out how to get into their car and go there.

Inside the changing tent next to the bog, Jennifer is already half out of her wetsuit, but Caroline is still not letting her quit. In an interview, Caroline recalls Jennifer coaching her through her "bagpipe fiasco," so she can frame this as returning the favor and not just wanting to avoid losing the race.

In Belfast, Max & Katie are the first team to arrive at the Titanic Dry Dock, which has signage indicating that it's now something of a tourist attraction. Somber pennywhistle music accompanies shots of the commemorative plaques indicating its historical significance as Katie VOs with appropriate respect, "Basically it was just a giant hole in the ground." To be fair, she finishes, "where you could envision this massive ship being built." They find the kitchen tent, the entrance to which is dominated by the big menu board on an easel. Hanging below that is a little pouch containing laminated seating charts for each of the tables in play, so that each team can pick one. Each table is a six-top, with the diagram showing where each passenger sits and two of the five courses they've selected --the other three being the same for everyone, not that this is entirely clear yet. Max & Katie don white gloves and black pinstripe aprons and try to make sense out of how they're supposed to serve a five-course meal using only the two courses listed on the chart. The Amazing Editors take a moment to show us what they're missing: namely, the fact that everyone's getting the same first course listed on the menu board at the entrance, Oysters a la Russe.

Oblivious to this, Max & Katie set out to arrange their soup plates on the serving tray while a chef rubs his chin nervously. A minute later, Max is about to leave with a fully but incorrectly laden plate, but Katie wisely pauses to take a look at the menu board to see what they're missing and figures it out. So they head back and load up oysters for everyone like they're supposed to. With Max carrying the tray, they walk half the length of the dry dock to the top of the stairs, where Katie takes the tray and starts heading down while Max returns to the kitchen tent to load up the next course. Katie soon realizes she got the fuzzy end of this particular lollipop. When she reaches the dining tent, there's a string quartet there playing for the diners, only unlike on the actual Titanic, this one includes women and they're not playing "Nearer My God to Thee." Katie sets the plates down on a table and the headwaiter tells the diners, "Bon appetit." Which, along with a little "ding" sound effect and an onscreen graphic of the Titanic, signals that the first course is complete. Katie picks her serving tray up off the rug takes off for the second course. Sort of.

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