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In the changing tent, Caroline gets down on her knees in front of Jennifer and leads her in prayer. Jennifer interviews afterward that they promised each other they'd never quit, and she knew she had to finish for Caroline. "And for me." Yeah, I'm thinking mostly for Caroline. So Jennifer gets back out there, repeats the cannonball, fishes herself out and gets back in the ditch. This time she seems to not be in such a panicked rush, breathing and moving more calmly. Caroline interviews afterward that she thought if Jennifer didn't make it this time that would be it, but at the time she tells Jennifer from the side of the ditch, "I've never been more proud of you in my whole life." Jennifer is swimming back now, with the clock at 3:18. She's climbing out by 3:38, and Caroline's encouragement gets more urgent as she guides her to the finish by the sound of her voice. Jennifer makes it by mere seconds, but the point is that they've finally finished the Roadblock and have their Thing with the Ring clue. Caroline leads her back to the changing tent, saying she's so proud of Jennifer for not quitting. Well, it wasn't for lack of trying.

Bates & Anthony arrive at the dry dock, and Bates decides to do the serving. As he's looking over the tables of food, Max & Katie interview how the second course was a choice of two different kinds of soup, and each passenger had a specific choice that they'd have to be sure to get right. Plus, they had to figure out for themselves which was consommé and which was cream of barley, because there are no labels next to any of the bowls and none of the kitchen staff is talking. Max meets Katie at the top of the stairs with the soup course, and she decides they should switch jobs so Max is doing the physical and Katie the mental. Max seems to agree with this strategy or else he's not smart enough to argue it. Whatever the case, he successfully delivers the soup course, so they have two down and three to go.

Up top, Anthony has already sent Bates off running with a plate full of soup before looking at the main menu board and realizing his mistake. By this time, Bates is already setting out the dishes of soup down below. "This is not what these people ordered," the headwaiter informs him, and this time the graphic of the Titanic reads "REJECTED" and is accompanied by the sound of a foghorn. Bates sighs in frustration and endures the glares of his disappointed diners, and then loads the tray back up to carry it back. When Mona & Beth show up, they make the same mistake that the other two teams did at first, starting right off with the soup and ignoring the main menu board that clearly says everyone starts with the oysters. Mona heads down with the tray. Why is there no salad course? I bet iceberg lettuce would be a big hit.

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