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Philimination, Where Is Thy Sting?

As the sun sets on the racers' little campsite, we get to see the first of the eat-sleep-mingles, even though this isn't an official one. Starr flirts with Dallas, who's doing everyone a favor by standing around in a bug-infested wooded area with no shirt on. She interviews about how attractive Dallas is, and I'm kind of hoping for a love triangle in which her brother develops a crush on Dallas as well. Sarah is talking to the Hippies, which pisses Terence off. "As soon as we got here, Sarah was talking to the other teams," he kvetches to an interview camera with her sitting right there. "And here I am, I want you to hold m-- I want you to connect with ME. But yet, she's engaged with them. And that was very frustrating for me." Oh, wow. This guy has issues. Sarah just looks at him, kind of guilty and embarrassed, but I'm afraid for the wrong reasons.

The next morning, Phil reminds us who's leaving in which group (you can just page back for that). During brief shots of all the teams, Anthony is amused at having to hold Stephanie's mirror for her while she puts on makeup. He seriously thinks he is on the best last date ever.

The lead four teams rip into their clue and learn that they have to take a taxi to an area called Pelourinho, which Phil calls "the historic center of Salvador." their next clue is waiting for them at a certain church. They all rush out to the street and start looking for taxis. Sarah spots the other teams arriving at the same corner, makes an observation to Terence, and then in the same tone of voice, but looking at Starr and Nick, remarks, "Not so easy to find a taxi." Now, they're not looking back at her, and thus probably didn't even realize that she was addressing them. Even I'm not sure at first, until Terence tells Sarah, "I don't think they're listening to you." See, a normal person wouldn't make a thing of this, or might even tell Sarah the he doesn't think they heard her, but Terence has seen a chance to isolate his social girlfriend from another team, and jumped on it. Which is just...and I hate to bring out the big guns this early on...Spencerian. Both teams spot taxis and run for them, with Terence and Sarah getting in their cab first but still bickering about luggage/trunk strategy. Whereas Nick and Starr are trying to communicate with their cabdriver, who's just staring blankly into the camera. Out on the street, Tina tells Ken to use the whistle attached to his backpack strap, which he obediently does. Handy! Mark and Bill find their cab, and the Bill shows off a little more Portuguese to the driver. Starr is getting frustrated with their cabbie, and Nick both calms her down and instructs their driver to just follow the Geeks' cab. And Ken and Tina are underway.

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