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Philimination, Where Is Thy Sting?

Terence and Sarah dash off to find the elevator, hoping Nick and Starr can't follow them because they hate them now. And one of the Geeks seems to be balking at the very sound of a 240-foot height. They're still deliberating when Ken and Tina arrive. At the elevator, Sarah and Terence are in the lead, but when Nick and Starr arrive after them and take the marked staircase -- as instructed in the clue -- rather than the elevator Sarah doubtfully joins Terence on, they get to the top first. Sarah and Terence scramble around at the top of the elevator as Ken and Tina arrive below. Nick and a nervous Starr, in their safety harnesses, begin their descent. Ken and Tina arrive next, and as they begin their descent, he encourages her to try catching up to the kids. She snaps at him to shut up, because she's afraid of heights and he cheated on her. The Geeks arrive next, and Bill interviews that "There's nowhere else but The Amazing Race you can find yourself climbing 240 feet down a cargo net." Would-be racers, take note: if you're looking to get on the show, an ability to seamlessly work plugs for it into your on-camera commentary can't hurt.

Back at ground level, Terence and Sarah finally find the staircase they're supposed to have taken, now that they've gone from first place to fourth. The siblings reach the bottom, with Ken and Tina not far above and the Geeks just starting down, high above them. "That leaves Terence and Sarah w-- God knows where," Nick says happily. Terence and Sarah are getting harnessed up at the top, trying to get less upset at themselves. On the bright side, at least they didn't go to the wrong building and swing themselves over the wrong high railing. So it could have been worse. Nick and Starr get their next clue: Go to the Pit Stop!

They're off to Forte Sao Marcelo, a walled fortress that appears to be way out in the bay. "This floating battlement once defended the city from pirates," Phil educates. "It's now the Pit Stop for this leg of the race." So it's come up in the world. The last team to check in will be eliminated." Sometimes I wish the first three legs could be non-elimination, just to get them out of the way.

Nick and Starr take off looking for a cab just as Ken and Tina alight, and the siblings end up getting passed in the taxi hunt. Which is not as bad for them as you might think, because Nick has decided to see if it's close enough to hoof it, and sure enough, they quickly find a guide who's willing to walk with them. And Ken and Tina's cabdriver is like, "You're here, get out." "Ay ay ay!" Tina cries, lamenting the minutes they've just wasted. Nick and Starr arrive at the jetty first, and are quickly pushed off in a ferry to the pit stop while Ken and Tina are still running to catch up. Catch you later, Mom and Dad.

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